Business File Sharing

Business file sharing with Clinked is simple, secure and efficient.

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Share and store multiple files and folders; each member has a file storing capacity from 2GB to an unlimited amount of space.

Manage and organise your documents with Clinked’s secure file sharing tool. Store your files in folder structures, including Google Files. Get notifications when specific content and activities are updated via the Following functionality.

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Ensure that your work is finalised before being sent off. From multiple file uploads to adding tags to documents, Clinked’s multitude of business file sharing features improves your workflow.

  • Add notes to documents – write comments, draw, highlight sentences.
  • Access previous versions of files with Version Control.
  • Request Approvals on files.
  • Proofread with Live Previews – no need to download documents to view them.
  • Follow files and folders and receive notifications of updates on your Activity Stream.
  • Give feedback using @mentions and group mentions when commenting on files.
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Clinked provides users with a private workspace for business file sharing (and storing). With the highest level of security provided and optional private cloud solution, storing sensitive data is stress-free with Clinked.

  • Set User Permissions to control access to your files and folders.
  • Set optional expiry dates and times, as well as optional password protection, when sharing external documents.
  • Use File Locking to ensure no one edits or removes the document you’re working on.
  • Secure 256-bit SSL in transit and AES encryption at rest.
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White-label your Clinked client portal: brand your logo, domain name, login page, and terminology throughout your platform.

  • Your own URL (
  • Branded mobile app on Android and Apple Store.
  • Branded SmartSync desktop app.
  • 13 languages supported.
  • White-label is available for all of our Clinked packages.
  • Organise your folders and files exactly the way you want them to create a familiar workspace for your team and clients.
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With Clinked, you can securely access/upload/download your files from anywhere, at any time – you just need an Internet connection.

  • Easily upload documents via Google and Email.
  • The Clinked SmartSync desktop app lets you edit your files from your desktop and is automatically synced with your client portal.
  • Clinked’s mobile app lets you access your files when you don’t have access to your computer.
  • When using Clinked, locate files and folders with the Universal search bar functionality.
  • Multiple file uploads with unlimited file size.
  • Google Drive integration.
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Choose Clinked for business file sharing and get ahead of your competitors. Let your business reap the rewards.

Improve your brand image with seamless, white-label branding.

Speed up the approval processes and limit the need for meetings.

Improve business relationships with your team and clients.

Improve customer service by giving your customers direct access to information and enabling them to resolve their own queries.

Save time by viewing file previews in your customer portal so you don’t need to download anything first.

Reduce costs by making manuals and technical documentation available online for your team and customers.


Find out more features, or sign up for a free trial today.

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