Project Management

Managing Projects from start to finish is easy

Clinked can be used as a White Label Project Management tool to make you achieve your objectives, while keeping track of task progress, regardless if team members are close or geographically dispersed.

Efficient Project Documentation

  • Develop project or task outlines collaboratively on wiki page.
  • Request feedback and approval.
  • Enhance wiki page design with your branding.
  • Give access to document to partners or export document for email distribution.
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Assigning tasks

Set up tasks for team members on Clinked and ensure that every stakeholder is aware of who is responsible for defined actions and requested completion date.

  • Task management features include Assign, Accept, and Reject.
  • Set task start and complete-by dates.
  • Update task progress and status.
  • Easily accessible from your Dashboard.
  • Team members can see, edit and comment on team member tasks.

Manage your team calendars

You can easily co-ordinate your team or project group calendars on Clinked. Apart from standard online calendar software features, you are also able to customise calendar accessibility to others. customise the level of transparency. It includes

  • Invite Clinked members for events.
  • Decide if your network should know about the event or only invitees.
  • Use iCal to easily synchronize with other calendar tools, e.g. Google, Outlook etc.

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