Team Collaboration

Efficient Online Team Collaboration

Social collaboration software like Clinked has great potentials of improving team working efficiency within departments and across organisations. Instead of depending on email communication or storing files behind corporate firewalls, you can store and access all content and discussions in an easily accessible, secure central online location, where ever you are.

Keeping team members updated

Set up groups or projects, invite members who has interest in collaborating or following group activities and progress, and everyone will have the needed transparency to see what is going on.

  • Notifications when new content is shared, commented upon, approved, etc.
  • Keep track of progress & achievements within the group.
  • Always access to latest versions and stakeholder feedback.

Collaborate more efficiently

Sharing files on Clinked makes content visibility and ease of sharing much easier than if stored locally, in Inboxes etc. Editors can finetune content collaboratively within Clinked rather than sending attachments via email.

  • Create, share, request and approve files.
  • Communicate with microblogging, @mentions and comments.
  • See latest development from all collaborative group in one view, or per group.

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