Clinked – the simple, secure, social collaboration software

Clinked is a cloud-based collaborative software enabling teams & organisations to store files & communication in a secure, easily accessible environment.

  • 6 reasons for collaborating on Clinked

    • More efficient team collaboration.
    • No IT integration or training required.
    • Contend & discussions in one search-friendly place.
    • Start collaborating within minutes.
    • 24/7 phone / email support possibilities.
    • Tailored package solutions.
  • Document management

    Beyond secure file storing, Clinked enables you to create and collaborate on documents with your team members and partners.

  • Team collaboration

    With more connected team members and collaborative features, it becomes easy to share knowledge and activity progress.

  • Project management

    Whether you manage small or large projects, you get the collaborative tools to deliver successful projects.

  • Online collaboration for small businesses

    Clinked offers different collaborative packages to fit small budgets, including a powerful Free package, for SMBs, charities and education.

  • Enterprise collaboration software

    Large organisations can access top secure collaborative portals, customisation and support.

  • Case Studies

    See examples of our clients, what collaborative challenges they had, and how Clinked has helped them collaborate more efficiently.