Clinked vs Dropbox

Are you using Dropbox and frustrated by:

  • People accidentally deleting files for everyone
  • New people seeing everybody else's files
  • The fact that you cannot create your own branded environment
  • Lack of comments and feedback functionality
  • No email notifications on changes of important files
  • Concerns over security

Dropbox Business User?

Switch to Clinked today and we'll transfer your data free of charge.

  Clinked SmartDrive Dropbox for Business
Intelligent Syncing Yes — SmartSync No
Safe Delete Yes No
Upload/sync via email Yes No
Folder/file following Yes No
Email notifications Yes No
Share folders with permissions Yes No
Branding Yes No
Threaded comments Yes No
@mentions Yes No
File locking Yes No
Workflow/Approvals Yes No
Unlimited version history Yes Optional
Mobile access IOS and Android Most platforms
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Stand out from your competition with your own branded file sharing portal

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Increase your brand awareness and client loyalty with your own client portal

  • Your own URL e.g.
  • Your own mobile app available on Apple and Android App store
  • Branded SmartSync desktop sync tool available to download for your clients and team
  • Your customised login screen, logos, colours, background and terminology

Collaborate on Projects

Assign tasks and monitor the progress, use comments and request approval on documents

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Work anywhere

Available on all Your Devices

Desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, access your documents wherever you go.

No Need for a VPN or FTP

No need for complicated and slow VPN systems or FTP servers. Access everything from home or on the go.

Quick and Easy

Preview documents, write comments, @mention people from your mobile or tablet.

Unlimited Version History

Clinked makes it easy to manage versioning of files. Every saved file version can be reviewed or restored.

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Follow Files and Folders

You are automatically following content you have uploaded or commented on. Or alternatively you can also follow content by clicking on the red flag.

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Automatic Email Notifications with @mentions

You can mention group members to generate an email notification and more visibility in their Activity stream

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Clinked SmartSync for desktop intelligently observes your behaviour and only syncs relevant files and folders reducing risks of potential security leaks while saving significant bandwidth.

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Perfect for Teams

Clinked SmartDrive is specifically created for team and business environment. It goes beyond file sharing and synchronisation.

Smart or Selective Sync? It's Flexible

You can either leave Clinked SmartSync to sync the files you have interacted with or you can can manually select the folders you wish to sync (plus all the files within folders).

'Safe Delete' — You're Always in Control!

Trying to figure our where the file's gone? No more... When team members delete files from their local computers, the files stay in the cloud and not deleted from everyone else's computers.

Working With Multiple Organisations?

One install to manage them all! Clinked SmartSync allows you to manage multiple organisations.

...and More

Google Apps Integration

Connect with your Google account for single sign–on to Clinked, sharing of Google docs and quick Google contacts import.

Instant Online File View

View many document formats without downloading them first. Supports MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), PDF, videos, text files and pictures.

File Approval

Request that a file or document be approved by another person in your group. This way everyone can see if the latest document version is signed off or rejected.

File Locking

Lock a file while making changes and unlock it when you have saved or uploaded an updated version. Other members can still view a locked file but cannot make modification or delete it until it's unlocked.

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