File locking

Lock files to prevent duplicate editing

Make sure no one removes or edits files you are working on. You can “lock” a file while making changes, and “unlock” it when you have saved or uploaded an updated version.
Other members can still view a locked file, but cannot make modifications or delete it until unlocked.

File locking process in Clinked

  • Go to the file and change its setting to “Lock file”.
  • Download the file to make required changes.
  • Before uploading a new version, “Unlock” the locked file in the file settings.
  • Upload the new version. The replaced version will now be accessible via the File version control.

Secure wiki page editing

  • Start making content updates on an existing wiki page.
  • If additional editors enter the same page in edit mode, all editors will be warned that others are editing.
  • When one editor saves the page, the other editors will be told that a new page version has been saved.
  • If other editors save the same page, the latest saved version will be published.
  • Previous versions can be accessed, compared and restored from the version control manager.

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Work collaboratively within your team by creating, sharing and collaborating on documents, tasks and other files.

File sharing

Upload large files for secure, easy access with any device. Organise files in folders and tag with keywords for quick retrieval.

Online documents

Online documents is quick and easy to create with the Clinked wiki editor. By far the most efficient way to create documents where multiple persons are contributing with content.

Project Management

Managing project becomes easier when using the collaborative tools of Clinked in combination with the shared calendar and task management tools.

Google Apps integration

Clinked integrates with Google Apps, meaning you can sign in with your Google account, collaborate on Google Drive docs, import Google contacts, synchronize events with Google calendar and more.

Data security

Highest possible security to access your stored data and correspondence.