5 Real-Life Lessons About Client Portals

Offering customers a secure, safe and convenient way to interact with your business is vital these days. This platform is known as a client portal and it should make communication, reading shared information and tracking projects simple. The gateway you use has to meet the needs of your customers, and that’ll be different for each business.

It’s about streamlining the customer experience and taking a lot of the unnecessary frustration out of the client’s experience. There are some things that you need to know about client portals to understand what they can offer your business. Whether you want to improve your portal or build a new one, these real-life lessons will help you a lot.

Customers want access to the things that matter to them, and the right client portal helps with them that. Each of the 5 real-life lessons about client portals below emphasise how important they can be to modern businesses. Read on now to learn more about client portals and the lessons of using them.

1. Better Organised

Keeping everything organised is essential when you’re working with a range of clients. From the point of view clients, having an organised and manageable place where all vital information is kept is essential. It’ll make it possible for them to always find what they’re looking for without any frustration or inconvenience. A good client portal will be a positive step towards offering clients a better organised experience.

The portal will act as the host to all sorts of essential information that needs to be accessible to clients. Without that, clients feel like they’re being left in the dark when really the issue is a lack of organisation. It’s something that businesses that want to work closely with clients should always be looking to address and put right. It will impact everything from client trust in the process to their understanding of the process.

It’s just the client that benefits from better organisation either. Your business will find it easier to convey your thoughts and ideas to the client with a portal in place. The communication between your business and the client on the other end will be a whole lot smoother too. In short, it works in everyone’s best interests to keep things as organised as they can be.

Never underestimate the power or the importance of organisation when you’re working closely with clients. Getting it right will make your company better able to keep clients on the same page as your business. It’s one reason why so many businesses value them so highly.

2. Reduce Emails

When your business is working on a project with a client, the email trail can become sprawling. It’s hard to keep track of communications adequately when there are so many emails going back and forth. One thing that a client portal can solve is this email overload by reducing the amount of them being sent. Instead, communication can be handled much more sustainably via the client portal you’ve put in place.

Every business understands the importance of client communication, so this is certainly not something that you can afford to ignore. It’s all about making sure that your clients feel that they’re being kept in the loop. Why rely on the confusion of email communication when you can make this much more sustainable by using a portal? It makes sense for everyone to improve the way in which communication occurs.

It’s a definite step in the right direction because the portal will allow for simply communicate on a confined platform. It’s much better than having various email conversations going back and forth between various people. It also removes the need for different email address to be used to contact different people. Instead, staff will be able to access the messages from the client via the portal and send replies that way.

The last thing your projects need is to be confused. By making sure that everyone is on the same page and able to communicate adequately, you’ll achieve a lot more. In the end, your client portal will serve as a way to improve communication and reduce messy emails.

3. Empower Customers

Empowering your customers is another thing you can do by having the right client portal in place. You want each and every one of your customers to feel like they’re in control. After all, the wants and needs of the customer should always be paramount. Nothing else matters as much as this.

So how exactly does a client portal empower your customers? First and foremost, it gives them the chance to see what’s happening with their projects. They’ll be able to see how things are progressing and they’ll be given a simple way of communicating with your team. They won’t have to wait to hear from you; they’ll always be kept in the loop.

When customers don’t feel in control of the process and having a say in what happens next, they’re not satisfied. From a business perspective, it’s not worth putting the happiness at the customer at risk. By getting your client portal right, they’ll immediately feel more empowered and able to control the destiny of their project. It makes a huge difference to the overall customer experience, so you shouldn’t underestimate this.

The more empowered your customers feel, the better it is for your business going forward. They’ll see your business as wanting the best outcomes for them, and that’s certainly never a bad thing. A solid and reliable client portal could be the first step to empowering your customers like never before. That’s why this is something that you should look into and consider very seriously.

4. Everything is Recorded

Everything that happens and all of the interactions that take place via your client portal will be recorded. Having a log of how things are progressing is good for your business and good for your customers too. It prevents any unnecessary confusion that might otherwise strike your business and prevent things from running smoothly. Knowing that everything is being recorded and logged also provides real peace of mind.

The portal should be designed with this in mind because it’s one of the most important features a good portal can offer. Your customers will be able to look back at what’s happened so far and see how things are coming along. And the same applies to your business as well because you sometimes need to check things. That’s possible if everything is being recorded in your client portal.

Having access to all of the facts and being able to look back and know what happened can avoid disputes. No business should ever want to come into confrontation with customers, and a good portal can help prevent that. You will be able to record everything and look back for clarification if clarification is ever needed. It means that you don’t have to rely on one person’s word against another’s.

This is another feature of client portals that helps streamline things and avoid confusion on the part of the customer. For that reason, it can’t be ignored. It might turn out to be a function that saves your business a lot of problems later down the line.

5. Compliant

Client portals can help your business to stay compliant with things like data protection laws. Customers have every right to expect their data and personal information to be protected. That’ll be possible if you use a safe and secure client portal that has been designed with security and compliance in mind. You definitely don’t want your business to be struck by legal problems surrounding these matters.

As tough as it may be to stay compliant with this legislation, it’s not something you can afford to ignore. If your business is going to succeed and keep customers happy, it has to go the extra mile. And that includes protecting their data and ensuring they can pass their personal information to you in confidence. A client portal can give people that extra confidence in your ability to stay compliant and secure.

It also makes things a lot easier from your perspective because you will have complete confidence in the portal. You’ll know for sure that it’s 100% compliant because it will be designed and built to be that way. That’s good for your business and gives you one less thing that you need to worry about.

Data protection is difficult to understand for many business owners, but the longer you ignore it, the riskier it gets. It’s essential for anyone working with customers and clients to be compliant with all the relevant legislation. There’s no excuse at all for not getting this right these days, and there are penalties for companies that don’t.

Customer portals are increasingly important to businesses and their customers alike. If you want to make sure that those customer connections are as strong as they can be, you’ll need a top client portal. If the information above has persuaded that your business needs a client portal, start building yours.