8 Day-To-Day Mobile Apps For Businesses

Mobile phones are an integral part of modern daily life, in both our business and personal lives. In today’s world, you’ll find that the majority of mobile phones (smartphones) offer apps for users, with there being specific mobile apps for businesses that are designed to increase productivity and improve the ease of daily work processes; even when you’re out of the office.

From calculators and calendars to mobile payment and social media apps – there is something for every business owner, employee or client (with most of them being available for free!).

So, with millions of users across the globe, mobile phones can prove to be valuable to businesses when needing to communicate and collaborate with anybody, at any time, at any place – whether those people are clients, employees, business partners or suppliers.

If you use your personal mobile phone for business purposes, or have a business mobile phone supplied by your company; here is a list of eight potential mobile apps for businesses that you could download – each one being ideal for day-to-day business use, boosting productivity and ensuring that you won’t fall out of the loop when you’re out of the office.

App 1: Gmail

Gmail is an essential email app for everyone. It’s vital to have access to your emails wherever you are, and the Gmail app is clean, easy to navigate and to organise (with features including labels, categories etc.).

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App 2: Google Analytics

Even when you’re out of the office, be sure that you can still monitor your web analytics with the mobile-optimized Google Analytics app. Features of the Google Analytics app include a mobile-optimised dashboard, providing an overview of real-time users, audience, user behaviour, goals and more.

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App 3: Hootsuite

You can schedule your social media posts straight from your smartphone with the Hootsuite mobile app. You’ll have the ability to build your brand, on social media, from anywhere. Send out multiple posts at once, across your different social media platforms, at any time of the day.

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App 4: LinkedIn

Social media is an amazing platform for getting your message out to an audience, on a potentially global scale. LinkedIn is a classic choice, out of all of the available social media mobile apps, for businesses as you can potentially build lasting business relationships whilst always keeping up-to-date with your connections by using the LinkedIn app – you never know when a business opportunity may arise.

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App 5: WebEx

For more flexible meetings, WebEx has an app for users, making it easy to attend video conferences, join online events and attend training sessions whilst out of the office.

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App 6: Clinked

Clinked is a cloud-based white label collaboration tool for businesses – and is also available as an app to existing Clinked users. From sharing and storing sensitive documents to discussing new ideas with colleagues, planning group events and finalising projects with clients – Clinked is a one-stop app for keeping your company organised, communicating and collaborating on-the-go.

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App 7: Clef (Alternative option: Google Authenticator)

As of June 2017, Clef has become no longer available. An alternative two-factor authentication solution is Google Authenticator – a free, multi-authentication app for mobile devices. Two-factor authentication tools use something you know (e.g. a password) with something you have (e.g. a smartphone) in order to access your account.

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App 8: PayPal

Make mobile payments pain-free with the mobile-optimized PayPal app. You can transfer money, as well as receive payments, easily and efficiently – from anywhere. PayPal also recently created an app that lets businesses attach PayPal’s card reader to a tablet or other device and use it as a portable register.

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Have a look around our website, find out some more information about our Clinked mobile app, and sign up for your 10-day free trial if you think Clinked could be the right client portal solution for your business!

Maia Creed

Marketing executive at Clinked