Clinked Has A New Website!

Clinked is a cloud-based file sharing, team collaboration and project management workspace for businesses. And last week, Clinked launched a brand new website for its visitors.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on completely transforming the Clinked website. This month the new website went live, and now, as you can probably tell as you’re reading this, you can see the new and improved site for yourself.

The new website is fresher, more simplistic and easier to navigate; the simplistic green and white design will let visitors to the website focus on the information Clinked has to offer, rather than being distracted unnecessarily. With the focus on providing clearer information for visitors, you can now discover some of the key features that Clinked can provide for your business right from the home page, for example.

There’s also the pricing packages overview that wasn’t on the previous website homepage, as well as testimonials and the option to download a new Clinked e-book called “Brand Your Business Like A Pro” – the first of a series of guides that will be available for Clinked visitors.

Clinked CEO Tayfun Bilsel is pleased with the end result. He had some comments to make when asked about the process and outcome of the new website:

MC. Why did you want to change the website?

TB. We wanted to better engage users and improve the overall experience of our website. We learnt a lot from our previous websites and having tried and tested different design layouts and elements we knew what works and we applied this learning to our new website.


MC. What do you prefer/like about the new website?

TB. The new homepage guides visitors through the website. When scrolling down the page, you see what the product is and does, explaining different features and benefits. At the end of the page, it leads the visitors directly to the e-book for visitors to download. [As mentioned], we will now be offering free guides and e-books on our new website. The first one is already available: “Brand Your Business Like A Pro”. We want to share our findings, knowledge and tips with our visitors.


MC. How will visitors benefit from the new website?

TB. The new website offers a clean and simple design which puts the visitors in charge. Visitors take an active role in their interaction and this will make them more positive and open to our message.


MC. What are some of the major changes you’ve made compared to the old site?

TB. With the new website, we want to try to get to our visitors on an emotional level in order to stand out. Also, it is cleaner, simpler and more interactive and provides a better experience [for visitors], especially when it is accessed from a mobile device.

…But more importantly, doesn’t the new blog look cool?

Have a look at our website and sign up for your 10 day free trial if you think Clinked could be the right client portal for your business!


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