Introducing The Clinked File Sync Tool for Teams

A new file sync platform for teams who share files, is now integrated with the Cloud collaboration environment of Clinked. It gives you access to files and folders online or offline, and synchronise documents that matters to you. So, if you are looking for a secure file sync tool for teams, a Dropbox for teams alternative, etc, you may find the Clinked sync tool interesting.

Issues with current file sync tools for teams
Syncing work files on desktops, mobile devices and home computers is a dilemma for many organisations. Most sync tools are built for private file storage purposes, where file security standards are limited and mixing of private and business files are not ideal.

Dedicated business sync tools, on the other hand, are more secure but fail to make syncing of shared files simple or flexible. For example, should it not be possible to automatically synchronise my most relevant files, i.e. documents I have actively engaged with (such as documents I have uploaded or commented upon)? Or should removing a large synced file from my mobile device also delete it from my team-shared Cloud in the sync process too?

These are questions which have led to the ambition of making Clinked the best file sync tools for teams, who share content and collaborate in projects and day-to-day operations.

What makes Clinked a great file sharing sync tool for teams?
Firstly, you synchronise the files and folders you want, nothing more. Either via the Clinked smart sync functionality, which suggests the files you should have offline access to based your content engagement, or alternatively, you manually choose which files to synchronise.

Your team members sync the files they want offline access to. In other words, each of you decide what centrally stored files are synchronised for offline access.

When offline files are deleted from a local machine, they will still reside in your shared Clinked Cloud storage. This way, it is safe for everyone to remove files in order to keep local file storage to a minimum without risking to delete files other team members want access to.

Also, your file sync preferences can vary from each device. As such, you can store a few files on your mobile device, while having all files synchronised to your PC.

The fastest way to upload offline files to your Clinked Cloud storage
If you don’t like the idea of synchronising Clinked files from the Cloud to your computer, it can still make your file uploading to Clinked much easier. Just save or move documents to the Clinked sync folder, and they will automatically be uploaded to your Clinked group.

On a side note, do you know that you can upload files via email to your Clinked Cloud storage too?

Security levels of Clinked sync
Here is how we make file sync as secure as possible:

  • Approved members can install the Clinked sync tool anytime, and depending on user permissions, may have abilities to upload, edit or delete Cloud-shared files.
  • File recovery functionality allows easy retrieval of accidentally deleted documents.
  • File transmissions are encrypted with 256-bit SSL.
  • Possibility to delete synced documents remotely if a device is lost or stolen.
  • Keep track of users that have synced what files.

How to get started
The Clinked sync tool is available for free for any members.  All in all, we think our enhanced file sync tool will make your team collaboration efforts more efficient than any other sync tool out there. We welcome any feedback.