Google Docs on Clinked – more collaborative power to your documents

Since lots of companies are using Google Docs for creating presentations, spreadsheets or documents, we want to make it easy for our users to share such files on Clinked in a way which adds collaborative value. Creating and managing files in Google Docs, while taking advantage of the powerful features of social collaboration in Clinked, will make more effective use of document sharing within your teams.

We are therefore excited to announce that you are now able to share Google Docs on Clinked! This means that your project team can access Google Docs files via Clinked, give feedback, get notifications when new comments arrive, attach them to Clinked tasks and events, etc. – always updated with the latest version. It gives your files the collaborative environment that Google just doesn’t offer.

So rather than seeing Google Docs and Clinked as alternative solutions, they make your collaboration stronger when combined! Even more so now, as Google ‘upgrades’ Google Docs to Google Drive. And as you may know, Clinked is on a journey to continuously integrate with Google. You can, for example, sign in to Clinked using your Google login details and easily import Google contacts to Clinked. Besides this, Clinked is now featured in the project management section of Google Apps market place.

How do I connect a Google Docs to Clinked?

Well, easily! Just be aware that you need to set access permissions to the files in Google Docs, (who can view and edit the file).

  • First, either create a Page, Task or Event – or open an existing one
  • Go to the Attachments tab at the bottom of the chosen content
  • Click Add Attachment and choose source – My Computer or Google Docs
  • You will be asked to approve that your Google Account connects with Clinked when adding a Google Docs for the first time
  • You will now see a window displaying your Google Docs; you can choose which ones you want to make available on Clinked

Give it a try!

Got any thoughts on this or any other Clinked developments? We would love to hear them, so get in touch with the Team via comments on this post, or on Twitter (@clinked)!