And the Winner of the Google Nexus 7 is…

You might recall that we ran a Sign up to Clinked and win a Google Nexus 7 campaign some time ago. The signup rate since the release of the Clinked mobile app for iOS and Android 2 months ago has taken a very pleasing upturn – which in turn increased the competitive field to win the Nexus!

Our winner, Piotr Wojtkiewicz, had embraced mobile collaboration at the same as looking for a tool to enhance his team’s communication with project participants. He simply said: “Wow! I wasn’t even aware that there was a contest for new subscribers joining so it’s a great surprise for me!”.

Piotr, who works as a Continuous Improvement & Automation Coordinator at Electrolux Poland, continues:

“My department is always looking for new promising tools and technologies which can be used in the future within our company. In our latest assignment, we looked for a solution that could greatly enhance the collaboration between various project stakeholders, i.e. task/event planning, file-sharing etc.. As in many cases we’re working to tight project budgets and we were looking for an intuitive, reliable SaaS-based solution offering the most useful features. That is why we chose Clinked.”

Using Clinked for mobile collaboration
One reason we launched this campaign was to celebrate the first release of our mobile-friendly Clinked version in September, starting with Android and iPhone & iPad versions. Since the Clinked collaboration platform integrates with Google Apps, it was only logical to make the Google Nexus 7 tablet our main prize for the happy winner.

Whether or not Piotr will use his toy, I mean business tool, for mobile collaboration on Clinked is yet to be confirmed, but he adds:

“The mobile market is growing really fast and remote access to the portal in many cases will save a lot of time, especially when project participants are traveling a lot. Clinked picked the two most common mobile environments (iOS and Android) so it will definitely improve overall customer satisfaction.”

We wish Piotr and his project teams happy online collaboration on Clinked, including via their mobile devices.