Infographic: 5 Benefits Of Customer Portal Software

There are numerous benefits of customer portal software for businesses: from secure file sharing with multiple clients to improving collaboration between employees. This infographic highlights 5 of the reasons why businesses can benefit from adopting SaaS applications.


Improve Collaboration

Bringing in a customer portal to your business will help your employees to improve their collaboration at work.

Customer portal software can improve collaboration when used effectively. Businesses will have the ability to work on multiple documents easily with team members and clients, have engaging group discussions in a secure environment more easily (in comparison to long e-mail chain conversations) and share important files and folders safely and efficiently. In fact, did you know that 80% of emails are a waste of time?

Increase Flexibility

With 24/7 access clients and team members can access their portal from anywhere, at any time.

You can increase the mobility of your business with customer portal software. When your clients and team members can access important documentation, keep up to date with internal conversations and follow important events coming up; they will not only be more engaged, but happier and more productive too.

Easy Access To Information

Following on from increasing flexibility; customer portal software can make it easier for clients and team members to get to the documents that they need to, rather than having to go through filing cabinets and overbearing e-mail chains stuffed with attachments. As you can see in the infographic, 28 hours a week are spent writing emails, searching for information and internal collaboration.

White Label Solution

By adopting a white label solution, you are allowing your clients to easily associate your software with your business, improving brand recognition. Your customer portal software will build trust with your clients and team members, as well as create a consistent experience for everyone. By choosing to implement a white label solution like Clinked, you can keep your costs down too; within Clinked’s pricing packages, many branding options are available to businesses.

Secure File Sharing

16.2% of files uploaded to file-sharing services contain sensitive data. It’s also worth noting that 27.8% of users have uploaded sensitive data to a file sharing service; with confidential data being the most common type of sensitive data being stored in the cloud (47%). Implementing customer portal software that comes with bank-grade security will ensure that you have the maximum protection of your files; Clinked offers no less than that.

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Maia Creed

Marketing executive at Clinked