Mobile collaboration app – Clinked iPhone

The Clinked iPhone app is now here! “At last” some of you may say; it is nearly a year ago since we started to get requests about online collaboration via mobile devices and literally all client interactions today include aspects of mobile-friendly versions of Clinked.

So finally it has arrived; a Clinked optimised mobile collaboration iPhone & iPad app. An Android version of Clinked is available from Google Play.

Clinked iPhone/iPad features:

– View & download files from your Clinked groups
– See latest team member activities within your Clinked groups on Activity streams, for example:
Comments & feedback on content
– Task creations and completion
– Creation & editing of wiki pages
– New files uploaded
– New microblogging updates

More mobile features coming shortly

This first mobile version of Clinked is focused on making you aware of ongoing group activities, i.e. see rather than interact. In the next version (due in a few weeks) you will firstly be able to view more content (such as your group wiki pages, tasks and events) and also provide your comments and feedback. This will be followed by the ability to upload files from your mobile devices, including an easier way to forward email attachments straight to your group than you can do today.

What do you think?

Feel free to share your thoughts on Clinked mobile here, or in our user community. Feedback in the App store and Google Play would also be highly appreciated!