Standalone vs. Cloud Software For Accountants

In the last few years, the increased offering of cloud software for accountants is appealing to many; meaning that standalone accounting systems are becoming less popular, with modern accounting firms in favour of a more innovative approach. And [...]

The Power Of The Client Portal

With evidence that moving to the cloud can save your company money, improve business process efficiency and increase flexibility; it’s no wonder that by 2019, more than four-fifths (86%) of workloads will be processed by cloud data centres [...]

9 Reasons You Should Invest In Intranet Software

Intranet software shouldn’t be confused with the Internet. Intranets are private networks that are only accessible within an enterprise (via the Internet), whereas the Internet is accessible to everyone with an Internet connection. From SMEs to large corporate [...]

Calling all Clinked users… Here are some new features!

Are you a Clinked user? Then we’ve got some improved features to announce to you! We’ve recently released two new feature updates for you to try: ‘Email Replies’ and ‘Email Notifications’. The two new features are the latest of [...]