Sailing Trip

The Clinked Team took a week off this month to celebrate the launch our product.

Clinked went live as a fully fledged system in December, but instead of a Christmas party we had the opportunity to celebrate with a week on a yacht the in the Mediterranean. Not only would this be the trip of a lifetime, but also a rare opportunity for us to spend time together, as some of the team work remotely from other countries.

The plan was to sail from Palma de Mallorca to Gibraltar , and finish with a climb to the top of the Rock. Despite an inauspicious start date of Friday 13th January, we arrived in Palma safely and left harbour that night to the backdrop of the illuminated skyline with the historic castle and cathedral.

Whilst at sea Sunfish were spotted basking at the sea’s surface and dolphins accompanied the boat at night. A couple of days into the trip we were forced to make an unscheduled stop at Almerimar in Andalucia to avoid an incoming front of bad weather. Whilst this delayed our arrival in Gibraltar and reduced the amount of time we would have there, it also offered us the chance to explore a section of the Spanish mainland and provided a welcome respite for some amongst us who had found the experience of being at sea challenging to say the least. Unfortunately some of the team members had turned out not to be natural sailors and were badly seasick en route to Almerimar. Following a few days stay at the marina there one of our number elected to continue the journey overland and meet us in Gibraltar.

Our time in Almerimar was spent exploring the port and surrounding areas, including the towns of El Ejido and Almeria. Finally when there was a gap in the weather we departed on the final leg of the journey to Gibraltar, 20 hours sailing away, and arrived early on 18th January, just in time to see the sun rise over the famous Rock.

The Rock at Dawn

Originally the plan had been to spend a couple of days in Gibraltar and possibly take the ferry to Morocco, but the earlier bad weather delayed our arrival and left us with just one day to explore our destination. Despite this we made the most of it, touring the old part of town and taking the cable car to the summit of the rock, where we met the resident apes and admired the spectacular views. The apes took a particular liking to Greg, Ivars, and Mike who found themselves being climbed all over and groomed!

Mike and his New Friend

We were all sad to have to leave our new furry friends behind to return to the boat and pack for home. Before leaving however we had a final meal of the holiday in an outstanding restaurant on the Board walk close to our marina and drinks under the stars on deck.

Refreshed by our break the Clinked Team are now back at their desks and have returned to revolutionising the world of collaboration with a few more fond memories of an unforgettable week.

Check out the photos below for a flavour of our adventures!

Our Departure Point Gibraltar Relaxing on Deck Dawn Aboard Ship