The Difficulties of Collaboration

Collaborating with others can be the most challenging, but also one of the most rewarding things to do. Whether it is at work or play, teamwork is vital but not without its pitfalls. Imagine if you will the following situation.
Its Monday morning. You arrive at work soaked from the rain and are greeted by summons to a meeting with your boss. It turns out you have been selected to work on the company’s major new project, that one you really hoped to get chosen for- brilliant! Then you find out who you’re working with.
Ok so there’s Michael, Jeanne and Harry-all hardworking and reliable, and a good laugh. Then there’s Jason who has a young family and has to leave promptly every night (no working late there then..), Lucy who is leaving for a business trip to the states in 2 days, and some guy in Hong Kong you have never met but have to collaborate with. Not to mention Adam who picks a fight with everyone who disagrees with him and Sabrina who can’t function without a mix of caffeine and constant complaints about everybody and everything.
Great so that means you have to get a major project done within a tight deadline, made tighter by the absence of colleagues and the fact that working nights is out unless you sideline Jason. All these compromises don’t even include the challenge of how on earth to keep the guy in Hong Kong in the loop….
Time to reach for Clinked- the collaboration software package which allows you to use the web securely to keep everyone in your group up to date on the latest ideas and the latest versions of your work. So all your team stays connected and can interface whenever or wherever they need to. Those who can be in the office don’t have to stay at work late, as they can keep working in comfort. Jason can work from home after he’s put the kids to bed, Lucy can check progress from her hotel in Dallas, and your new friend in Hong Kong will have the most up to date news on events and the latest versions of the project- despite the time difference.
That’s the practical side sorted- now for inspiration, a bit of hard work, and a good result.
Oh and hopefully no arguments caused by the less team-oriented members of the group…. No, technology can’t solve all your problems, but it can take some of the strain, freeing you up to focus on managing your team, safe in the knowledge that everyone is effortlessly and securely connected.
Clinked can help with some of the challenges of collaboration- but I’m afraid the rest is up to you!