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Intranets are popular tools for enterprises – they provide an efficient way of centralising business files and communication. Traditionally, enterprises have hosted their intranets exclusively on-premise; however, now that the cloud computing industry showing no signs of slowing down, enterprises are going to be faced with the question: “Should we be moving our intranet to the cloud?”

On-premise intranets are expensive, time consuming and complicated for businesses to deploy and maintain. What’s worse, they make it extremely difficult to scale as your business grows, with limiting storage capacity and number of users. This leaves businesses with an out-dated, slow solution that users are struggling to adopt.

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An intranet that is based in the cloud, on the other hand, could be the answer to your on-premises problems. And so, if you’re looking to solve the issues below, it may be time to make the move.

Easier maintenance

Cloud-based intranets are going to be easier to maintain, as the cloud doesn’t need server administration. This means you won’t need an entire IT team in order to maintain and update your intranet, as you would have to do with on-premises. Instead, the third-party vendor (like Clinked) will do that for you, as part of having your intranet hosted in the cloud. This way, you’ll be saving time, costs and the hassle of hiring a team of software developers.

Improved accessibility

If you’re a globally distributed team or have clients located worldwide, accessibility to documentation and communication is going to be a priority. Cloud software gives users secure access from outside your office, with no need to dial in with VPN, because your servers are in the cloud. The Internet connection will be faster when using your intranet, too.

Better scalability

On-premises can’t offer the same ease of scalability as the cloud. On-premises solutions take up too much space by putting a limit on the number of users and storage space available for businesses implementing the intranet. Needing to buy a new server in order to upgrade will cost your enterprise thousands, whereas the cloud scales instantly and for a fraction of the price. What’s more, the cloud won’t have a limit on the number of users and amount of file storage that you need.

A future in the cloud for enterprises?

As businesses are experiencing the easier maintenance, improved accessibility and better scalability that the cloud offers; existing tools and services are being moved away from on-premises, with products are being developed that are exclusively cloud-based from the beginning. With today’s enterprises needing to offer more innovative, reliable and faster services in order to keep up with the competition, the cloud is the place to start.

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Maia Creed

Marketing executive at Clinked