Two New Security Features From Clinked

Clinked is pleased to announce that two new security features have been released this month: Automatic Account Lockout and Configurable Password Strength.

Helping to keep the communication with your clients safe and secure is one of the key objectives of Clinked. Common potential security vulnerability originates from inadvertent mistakes or carelessness amongst the users of your portal. The new features are designed to address that and both of the features are designed to make your client portal even safer, ensuring that you can focus on collaborating and communicating with clients and team members more securely.

Despite the fact that the names of these two new features sound self-explanatory, below is some more information about each of the new features for you to learn more about how you can implement them straight away.

Automatic Account Lookout

The first new feature is called Automatic Account Lockout. When a user tries to log in to their account and has been unsuccessful after 6 password attempts, his/her account will be locked for 1 hour. In order for the user to access their account sooner than the hour-long timeframe, account administrators have the ability to unlock the user account from their account settings.

Configurable Password Strength

The second feature that we’ve released is called Configurable Password Strength. Account administrators can set a chosen password strength that applies to all accounts within their portal. This includes the length of the word, the option to include special characters, and the requirement of setting at least one upper case letter and one digit.

Above: Screenshot example of new feature – Configurable Password Strength

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