Three exciting updates to Clinked: Google Docs, Content Autosave and Contact Mass Import

Clinked has now been updated with some new features to make your collaboration easier, safer and more efficient. In particular, you will notice 3 key improvements:

  • Import your existing contacts en masse: Make it easy to invite people you want to collaborate with on Clinked. Export contacts from Outlook and other email clients into an CSV format, which can then be imported into Clinked. As such, you can invite as many people as you want in one go! Very handy, not least since you can collaborate with unlimited people in your Clinked group, even in the Free package. You can still invite people by typing the email address or import your Google contacts directly.
  • Auto-save of online page content as you create it: Never lose what you were working on again! Clinked will now save your work every 15 seconds, meaning that you no longer have to save an online page within Clinked regularly in case your browser crashes. Should this happen you can simply reopen Clinked in a web page and the document you were working on will be there with the option to restore it and recommence editing.
    This also makes the existing Version Control cleaner by ensuring that documented versions are only added to the list once you have completed your edits and are ready to save the entire document.
  • Improved access to Google Files from within Clinked: Share your Google files with your Clinked group network, just like you share any other files. Our initial Google Docs integration enabled you to attach a Google file to a Clinked wiki page. Making the Google files visible in the File section will make it much easier to access and share the file. As before, you continue to manage access permissions to your Google files within Google.

These suggestions (and more) have come via our engaged users via our user community. You can add your own suggestions, or vote/comment on existing suggestions from other users. We at Clinked like to respond to our users so you can keep track of of how we deal with your requests and suggestions.