Case Studies

Clinked is used by companies and organisations of all sizes, across industries around the world. Wherever clients and teams need secure and simple online environment to exchange information, Clinked offers a branded, cost-efficient solution.

"We were looking for something because we have so much going on: if we have one project with 10 contacts (producers, director, editor, composer, co-producer, etc.) that's fine, but when you have 10 or 15 projects and there are 10 producers it's a lot to track."
David Kitchens, Founder, Juniper Post.
Film Industry

Juniper Post rely on Clinked – California based, Emmy award winners a post-production recording studio that has worked on over 300 films and TV shows since 1983, and has worked with the likes of Producers Gale Anne Hurd and James Cameron.


A federal agency needed to get a technical working group to provide input into the project documents and get the project to move forward very quickly.

Global manufacturing

This world-leading industrial components company shares info & communication more efficiently via


This architecture firm needed a cost-efficient file sharing platform with high security.


An higher educational business searched for a collaborative tool to make 10000 students and teachers communicate efficiently.

Health & Safety

SafetyMARK needed a much more organised, efficient and straight forward way to handle mass communication and audit trail, as did the schools they were working with


Outbased works with clients collaboratively to let them access latest financial information, store current and historical reports, request information and track progress on projects.


Author Ren Diller and two editors produce quality work on a shoestring budget.


Exaget needed a solution when they started to raise funding and had a demand for a large number of documents that needed to be prepared and shared with lawyers, potential investors and then the investors themselves.