Instituto Tecnológico Buenos Aires

Clinked is simple to use and offers all of the functionality that we need

Vital statistics

  • Instituto Tecnológico Buenos Aires 800 teaching staff
  • 800 teaching staff
  • 9500 graduate & undergraduate students
  • 3 faculty buildings in the city of Buenos Aires

ITBA is a higher education business, providing graduate and post-graduate degrees and continuous education through a wide range of programmes in Engineering, Technology and Management.  It is renowned nationally and internationally for its academic quality and its strong co-operative ties with industry and the public sector. 5% of students are international.

The pain

ITBA was spending too much time setting up and administering multiple applications at the beginning of each semester, to enable students and professors to work together effectively. They needed to streamline their collaboration processes because jumping from one application to another i.e. from a group app to Wiki siteS and emails, was really complicated and they didn’t have a single point of access or distribution. In order to ensure that all students had timely access to information and that all communication between students and professors was recorded and quick, they needed a single tool offering collaboration, file sharing, calendars and wiki in one simple, secure location.

The solution

ITBA has adopted Clinked across the Computer Faculty, as a pilot project for a single course. Architects opted for Clinked Bronze which includes 50GB of storage, brand customisation, allowance for up to 1000 groups and 50 members.  They are now using Clinked to organize and file absolutely everything including all their old content  (which went back to 2006).  They have set up over 50 groups within their customised Clinked account and have still not come close to their storage capacity.

The relief

Professor Mariano Benitez comments:

“We searched for a long time for a low cost collaboration tool to meet our needs and tried a wide range of options but eventually always returned to email. Once we found Clinked we just loved it and stopped searching. It is simple to use and offers all the functionality we need – the wikis and calendars are particularly useful. Now, as staff, we spend a lot less time on administrative tasks, which means we have more time to commit to teaching and working with the students.”

"Finding Clinked was a great relief and a window into the future for us. We are now able to develop more and more complex projects and know that we are going to successfully start and finish the projects in record time."

– Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration