Juniper Post

Juniper Post needed a software that could help them co-ordinate the massive amount of communication

Vital statistics

  • Post-production sound recording studio based in Burbank, California
  • Recorded sound and won Emmy awards for documentary Expedition Bismarck with producer James Cameron
  • Worked with The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd
  • Records post-production sound for around 30-35 movies and 2-3 TV series a year
  • Was put on the map after recording Frances McDormand for Fargo

Juniper Post originally started as a music studio in the late 70s. By the early 90s, they began doing sound for commercials before evolving into a post-production sound company, working on movies and TV shows.

The pain

Juniper Post needed a software that could help them “co-ordinate the massive amount of communication, because everything is digital now.”

“You’re tracking the people, the projects, the schedules, the content- and now people can just send their movies to us digitally for us to download and work with. There’s so much back and forth around the world, as we don’t just work in California but all of the US, Europe, Russia and Asia…there’s an instant need for now.”

Quickly gaining popularity after working with Frances McDormand on Fargo, Juniper Post was introduced to James Cameron, who they worked with for almost 5 years before he moved onto Avatar. James Cameron then introduced Juniper Post to Gale Anne Hurd. Juniper Post’s workload was increasing, meaning that they had to juggle more projects on a larger scale, and needed a solution fast.

The solution

With Juniper Post’s post-production company growing and growing, they needed a software that could let them work with clients from all over the world, and would have the capacity to handle multiple large projects: “If we have one project with 10 producers that’s fine, but when you have 10 or 15 projects and there are 10 producers it’s a lot to track.”

Being a full service sound facility in Burbank, California, Clinked took some of the pressure away of trying to co-ordinate multiple projects in a fast-paced industry, by providing an easy-to-use tool that helped Juniper Post organise their 30-35 movies and 2-3 TV series a year.


After a long, tiresome search, Juniper Post came across Clinked: “Clinked was probably number 50 in our search, and we saw that we could create specific things for Juniper Post that are tailored to our needs, and so that’s what we did.”

“I think we used it differently to how other people may use Clinked, but we essentially made it a website for every project we work on, and it’s definitely made it easier for us to keep track of things internally.”

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