KJ Architects

We’re paying a fraction of what we would have paid for other products

Vital statistics

  • KJ Architects
  • Offices in London and Newmarket, Suffolk, UK
  • Wide range of projects principally located in London and the Home Counties

KJ Architects is an innovative and progressive studio of architects providing solutions in architecture and design across a broad spectrum of sectors, including health and care, industrial, commercial, leisure and residential housing. The company specializes in designing for special needs. As a practice, they use the latest AutoCad software.

The pain

Following many years of excellent service, the company’s computer system was due for a serious makeover. This became apparent when their server fell over and they reached a point when they could no longer run the latest version of AutoCAD on their individual workstations without upgrading graphic cards and memory.

The team work on multiple projects, some of which have run for many years, amassing a huge quantity of documents, drawings and emails. They have always applied discipline to online filing but felt they had outgrown the existing system. They needed more capacity and security and a new framework that would help them organize their content and manage projects more efficiently.

The solution

Keith Johns, Managing Director, KJ Architects said: “Having felt the pain of a creaking system, we have quickly embraced Clinked. We all found our way round it in no time at all and are making full use of the functionality it offers. As a team, we particularly like the powerful search function, easy uploads from other platforms and the security it delivers. Our package gives us a huge capacity for storage too; even with 56 groups and their associated CAD drawings, we’re nowhere near the maximum and yet we’re paying a fraction of what we would have paid for other products.”

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"Juniper Post needed a software that could help them co-ordinate the massive amount of communication"

– David Kitchens, Founder, Juniper Post