Clinked is a one-stop solution for an information heavy industry. We are proud to offer this solution to our members as it represents an interactive, professional shop window tool allowing staff around the world to collaborate more efficiently

Vital statistics

  • Risk management group PHSC plc has a turnover of £8M per annum and more than 100 employees. SafetyMARK is a service brand operated by on the group’s subsidiaries and is a safety certification and support scheme created specifically for the education sector.
  • Aims to recognise and reward those schools that have gone the extra mile to create a safe environment for staff, pupils, visitors and contractors.
  • The scheme sees the company engage with around 300 schools a year across the UK. SafetyMARK delivers on-site health and safety audits that are geared specifically to schools and then generates a practical improvement plan and a benchmark against which to measure future successes.

The pain

Working with 300 schools annually meant a huge responsibility with regards to the audit trails, member management, resource distribution, document management and ongoing communication. The excessive photocopying, posting and emailing of vast amounts of documentation as well as the requirement for constant updates of ever changing health and safety requirements, was proving overwhelming and SafetyMARK did not wish client retention or school management standards to slip.

The solution

SafetyMARK needed a much more organised, efficient and straight-forward way to handle this mass communication and audit trail, as did the schools they were working with. But to design a client portal or extranet to suit their requirements would have cost thousands of pounds. The alternative of working with distant international-based file management or project management solutions did not appeal.

They also wanted a way to remotely manage and update school audits and task allocation and most importantly to distribute news, updates, action plans and an effective way to notify relevant contacts of changes, in real time. Clinked was able to deliver a defined members’ area, exclusive to the schools with individually branded groups for them to manage their audits and tasks, as well as a main SafetyMARK branded portal in which to manage their portfolio of schools securely and in the cloud.

It meant that information was shared effectively, it was up-to-date and most importantly the audit trail provided the crucial evidence log as well as comprehensive task management functionality.

The relief

Stuart Letley of SafetyMARK couldn’t be happier with the solution stating “working with the team at Clinked has been a great success and we continue to work with such a great software solution as it fits the bill perfectly.

Anytime we have made any functionality suggestions they are discussed with the technical team and implemented shortly after, there is minimal down time, our clients are happy with the way the Health and Safety audits are run so much more smoothly and we find that our projects turn around swiftly, accurately and securely”. In the world of Health and Safety the paper trail is particularly long but using a white label cloud solution like Clinked will provide a one-stop solution to myriad requirements.

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