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9 Reasons You Should Invest In Intranet Software

Intranet software shouldn’t be confused with the Internet. Intranets are private networks that are only accessible within an enterprise (via the Internet), whereas the Internet is accessible to everyone with an Internet connection. From SMEs to large corporate [...]

(Infographic) Enterprise Data Security In The Clou...

In recent years, cloud software adoption rates have been skyrocketing. Despite the multitude of benefits that come with cloud computing, it's important for organisations to be able to recognise the risks of storing their data in the cloud; and what can [...]

The Rise Of The Cloud (Cloud Software vs. On Premi...

In recent years, cloud computing and cloud software have become hot topics from within the technology industry. With cloud computing models (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) evidently rising to the top, is on-premises software still worth considering? Granted, the evidence is [...]