Clinked collaboration software features overview

Clinked is a cloud-based collaboration tool, enabling teams and project groups to collaborate efficiently on documents and files within secure & easily accessible work spaces, and ensure that team members are on top of activity progress, tasks and events.

Here is list of all collaborative features:

  • File sharing

    Upload large & multiple files for secure, easy access with any device. Instant viewing of documents and video without downloading.

  • Online documents

    Create documents within Clinked for optimal collaborative editing, via the user-friendly and feature-rich wiki editor. Build templates for reports, convert to PDF or .doc for external distribution.

  • Social Collaboration

    Interact quickly and efficiently with your peers, while staying on top of project progress and latest team activities.

  • Google Apps integration

    Connect with your Google account for single sign-on to Clinked, sharing of Google Drive docs, quick Google contacts import, event synchronization with Google calendar etc.

  • Shared team calendars

    Organise events with your Clinked network in team calendars. Synchronize with Google calendar, MS Outlook, etc.


  • Task management

    Create and assign tasks to team members, while allowing stakeholders to keep updated with progress.

  • Private cloud solutions

    Even higher security and better performance than standard public cloud platforms are available via our Private cloud hosting.

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