Custom URL

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As part of Clinked’s white-label solution, users have the ability to choose a custom URL for their portal. The custom URL feature is available for all Clinked packages (Starter, Collaboration and Enterprise).

  • Now or later – customize your URL when you first sign up to Clinked or alternatively choose to implement a custom URL later on via your account settings.
  • The web address to your portal will include the name of your group or company, e.g., with the option of a full custom URL, e.g.
  • Custom URL is included in the Enterprise package

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Customize an unlimited number of individual project and group workspaces. Invite users to begin collaborating and communicating from within a bank-grade secure environment. Account administrators can track all activity with the audit trail.

File sharing

Upload large files for secure, easy access with any device. Organize files in folders and tag with keywords for quick retrieval. Set user-based permissions and control who can view, edit and delete individual files.


Connect with clients and team members from within a secure environment. Collaborate on documents, have discussions, monitor project progress and more. Receive email notifications when followed content is updated.


Customize your individual project and group workspaces. White-label your solution, including logo, domain URL, log-in page, background and more. Create a professional environment that will wow your clients.


Follow the real-time progress of your users whilst making comments, adding to discussions and using the group chat. Get documents signed-off efficiently with active involvement from clients and team members.

Data security

Highest possible security to access your stored data and correspondence, as well as the option to implement additional measures. Available on both Public and Private cloud solutions.