Duplicate groups

There's no need to manually duplicate your group content

Users can create a new group based on an existing group content. There’s no need to manually copy and create notes, files, tasks, events or discussions.

How do I duplicate a group?

You can duplicate an existing group to copy across all content from one group to another. This can save you loads of time if you have multiple groups that will need the same structure uploaded to begin with. So, instead of creating it multiple times in each group, you can simply create a template group and then duplicate it to create each of your clients.

1. In order to duplicate a group, first select the drop-down menu next to New Client or Project displayed on the dashboard view and then choose Duplicate existing.

2. Next, you will need to select the group that you want to duplicate and enter the name of the new group that you are creating.


3. Once you have done this the new group will be created and everything from the existing group will be copied over, this includes files, notes, discussions, events and tasks.

Is everything copied over when duplicating a group?

When duplicating a group all existing content is copied over, this includes any documents, notes, events and tasks. It will also copy over folder structures within the file section.

The only thing that won’t be copied over are the members of the group, as well as task categories and assignees.

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