G-Suite Integration

Integrate Clinked with G-Suite

Clinked offers the ability to be easily integrated with G-Suite. Once set up, you’re able to view and share your Google content within your projects/groups whilst utilizing the best of Clinked’s collaborative features.

Seamless Integration Between Clinked & G-Suite

By using G-Suite with your Clinked solution, you can work seamlessly and efficiently across the two platforms whilst continuing to collaborate with your group members.

Why Should You Be Using Clinked With G-Suite?

Clinked is designed to improve the way businesses collaborate and communicate with their team members and clients. By integrating with G-Suite, you can offer Clinked as a centralized environment for working more efficiently day-to-day.

  • All content, discussions, activity updates, tasks and events are accessible from your individual groups so that there’s no need to jump between different applications.
  • When collaborating with multiple groups or projects, you can see all of the latest group activities in the activity stream, e.g. ‘John uploaded a Google Doc in Group A’.

More Features From Clinked

Zapier Integration

Save time by automating tasks between your Clinked portal and over 3000 other applications using Zapier.

Google Calendar

Once integrated, schedule events in your Clinked group calendar and they will be automatically synced with yours.

Google Contacts

It’s quick and easy to send member invitations with various ways including importing your Google Contacts.

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