G-Suite Integration

Integrate your Clinked solution with G-Suite

Clinked offers the ability to be easily integrated with G-Suite. Once set up, you’re able to view and share your Google content within your projects/groups whilst utilizing the best of Clinked’s collaborative features.

Seamless integration between Clinked and G-Suite

By using G-Suite with your Clinked solution, you can work seamlessly and efficiently across the two platforms whilst continuing to collaborate with your group members.

Why should you be using Clinked with G-Suite

Clinked is designed to improve the way businesses collaborate and communicate with their team members and clients. By integrating with G-Suite, you can offer Clinked as a centralized environment for working more efficiently day-to-day.

  • All content, discussions, activity updates, tasks and events are accessible from your individual groups so that there’s no need to jump between different applications.
  • When collaborating with multiple groups or projects, you can see all of the latest group activities in the activity stream, e.g. ‘John uploaded a Google Doc in Group A’.

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