Google Contacts

Google Contacts Integration With Your Clinked Groups

It is quick and easy to invite new members to Clinked. Since you have unlimited members in your Clinked groups, there are several ways how to submit member invitations, including importing your Google Contacts.

Ways To Invite New Members To Clinked

  • Use the “Invite people” function within your Clinked group.
  • Choose the “or Add people from” link and then select Google Contacts.
  • You may first need to approve Clinked’s access to your Google contacts.
  • You can then select your contacts from the auto generated list and they will be invited to your portal.
  • If you use MS Outlook, you can export your Outlook contacts into a .csv file and import to your Clinked group.
  • You can type or copy email addresses, one-by-one or en masse.

Clinked Features for Accountant Client Portal

Reap the rewards of client knowledge across your teams by using the right features:

Google Calendar

Integrate your Google Calendar with Clinked

Google Drive Integration

You can easily attach Google files to your Clinked portal so that you have a central location where you and your clients can access all files.

@mention messaging

It is easy to send targeted messages to a member of your Clinked network via the Mention messaging functionality.

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