Group Calendar

With the Clinked calendar, you can quickly set up meetings with your Clinked network members and share group events.

Clinked Team Calendar Capabilities

  • Standard calendar features e.g. member invitation, setting event name, date & time for starting and finishing the meeting, location and a message area.
  • Limit number of attendees, with a “first come, first served” basis until maximum has been reached.
  • Scheduled events are visible for all team members unless made restricted to attendees only.
  • Meeting invitations arrive to recipients via email and on the Clinked group dashboard.
  • Replies to event invitations are displayed in the shared team calendar event, and sent to the meeting organiser.
  • Synchronize the team calendar with your Google calendar, MS Outlook, Apple iCal or Lotus Notes via the iCalendar sync functionality.

Clinked Favorite Features

Reach out

The Reach out feature is designed for communicating with users across multiple, or all of the different groups in your portal.

Google calendar

Once integrated, schedule events in your Clinked group calendar and they will be automatically synced with yours.

Email notifications

Email notifications will be sent directly from your portal to all group members, notifying you on various actions taking place within your portal.

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