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Clinked offers native mobile apps for our customers, available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) via the App Store and Android devices via Google Play. Get them for free!

  • What features are included in the Clinked mobile app?
  • How do I view content offline in the Clinked mobile app?
  • How do I get my own custom white-label mobile app?

What features are included in the Clinked mobile app?

The Clinked mobile app has almost all of the same functionalities as the web version, including:

  • Custom branding
  • Push notifications – get instantly notified of any file updates or @mentions.
  • Activity streams – follow the latest client, project or team activity in real-time.
  • Notifications – view notifications of recent updates made by your clients, team members and other users.
  • File management – create folders, upload/download files (multiple & large), add comments, view live previews, offline functionality
  • Task management – create, view and update tasks
  • Notes – create, view and comment on notes
  • Group chat – send and receive push notifications when chat messages are sent
  • Messages Area – access all 1-1 and group chat in one location while mobile
  • View content offline

Full list of iOS features here

Full list of Android features here

How do I view content offline in the Clinked mobile app?

You can now view your Clinked content offline at any time using Offline mode. All information stored within your Clinked portal will be kept for you to view with no internet connection, after it has been viewed at least once whilst connected to the internet. This means that you can look over existing files, notes, events, tasks and discussions when on the go.

  1. Simply swipe left on a piece of content and different buttons will appear, select the Offline button.
  2. You will then see a green icon appear next to the file, this is how you can differentiate between files that are available in offline mode or not.

How do I get my own custom white-label app?

Clinked offers customised white-label apps for our customers for a one-off fee (including lifetime updates). This means that your app will be completely white-label, so that when clients locate and download it from the App Store & Google Play it’s a professional looking application that appears as if it were your companies own. If you’re interested in purchasing a white-label app you can find out more here.

More Features From Clinked

White Label Mobile App

Ensure your branding stays front and centre with a custom white label mobile app that can be downloaded for iOS & Android.

Mobile Push Notifications

Receive notifications to your phone for group chat messages that you are a member of, or if you are @ mentioned in any content.

Group Chat

In each group within the Clinked portal you have the option for 1 to 1 or group chats to stay in contact with other members.

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