Private cloud

Enhanced security and performance with private cloud solutions

Private cloud solutions are available to Enterprise clients who want an extra level of security & improved performance compared to the standard public cloud platform. Using Clinked via a dedicated private cloud, would be the equivalent as having Clinked installed on your on-premise servers.

Reasons for using Clinked on private cloud

  • Ability to increase security beyond public cloud solutions, e.g restricting access to your Clinked groups by IP addresses, geographical locations etc.
  • No regulatory concerns about data
  • Everything branded to your company
  • Terminology, menus & navigation, workflows according to your needs
  • No need to manage servers, make updates – we do it for you, including customisation.
  • Decide location of your private cloud servers to ensure optimal performance and speed.

Feature overview

  • Branded to your company for internal/external, OEM or reselling solution
  • Your own URL (
  • Your own workflow and terminology
  • Your own branded mobile app
  • Your own branded file sync app
  • Your own Private Cloud
  • Flexible security options e.g. Multi factor authentication, IP restrictions etc.
  • Can be deployed to 8 different regions

Interested in private cloud solutions?

  • Clinked Private Clouds are offered to any size businesses, with prices starting from £7 per user/month. (1 year minimum commitment may be required)
  • Contact us to discuss and get a tailored quote.

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