Private Cloud

Enhanced security and performance with private cloud solutions

Private cloud solutions are available to Enterprise clients who want an extra level of security and improved performance compared to the standard public cloud platform. Using Clinked via a dedicated private cloud would be the equivalent of having Clinked installed on your on-premise servers.

Why should you choose Clinked private cloud?

The private cloud option gives you the freedom to build your own platform using Clinked, with flexibility to customise your own user interface design as well as new features. With Clinked private cloud you have the ability to increase security beyond public cloud solutions, for example by restricting access to your Clinked groups by IP addresses and geographical locations. This solution leaves you with no regulatory concerns about data, without the need to manage servers and perform updates – we do it for you. You can even decide the location of your private cloud servers to ensure optimal performance and speed.

What's included with Clinked private cloud?

  • Branded to your company for internal/external, OEM or reselling solution

  • Your own URL (
  • Custom user interface design and features
  • Advanced integration to reporting tools and billing systems

  • A branded white-label mobile app
  • Flexible security options e.g. Multi factor authentication, IP restrictions etc.
  • Can be deployed to 8 different regions

  • Your own workflow and terminology

How to enquire about Clinked private cloud?

  • Clinked Private Clouds are offered to any size businesses, with prices starting from $2,000 /month. (1 year minimum commitment required).

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