Task management

Team task management for projects & operations

Task management is an essential tool for improving productivity in the workplace.Whether it’s a task assigned by a client or a task shared within a team; seamless communication, monitoring progress updates and sharing your tasks will help you to improve the overall performance of your project.

From beginning to end

  • Create tasks for yourself or others in your Clinked groups and projects.
  • Your team members and clients can see all tasks, make comments and edit the task status & progress bars.
  • Task assignee will be notified via email and on the Clinked group dashboard.
  • Set timeline for when a task is to be completed by.
  • Update the task with a rated % of progress.
  • Share status of the task (Not started, In progress, Deferred, Waiting or Completed) to keep your team members informed.
  • Request users within your groups/projects to either accept or reject task assignments.
  • Completed tasks can also be viewed after they’ve been signed-off.

Get a clear picture of on-going tasks

  • All team members can see when a task is created, assigned and completed in the group/project Activity Stream.
  • Task progress can be rated in percent (%) for at-a-glance sharing with team members and clients.
  • You can clearly see when tasks need to be completed by.

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