Task Management

Efficiently Manage & Track Tasks

Clinked’s task management function is a simple to-do-list that is visible to all members within your group and will help you and your team/clients efficiently manage your work load. As well as giving transparency of all progress made on tasks.

This tutorial will take you through some of the main features within this tool, that are all simple to use yet highly effective for increasing productivity.

How To Create Categories For Tasks?

Task categories are used for splitting your tasks in to different sections, whether it’s sectioned by priority, industry, or projects – it helps display a clearer and more organised overview of your workload.

1. First select the green New Category button in the top right corner of the tasks section.

2.Then simply enter the Category name, select a colour and hit Create.

How To Create Tasks?

  1. You can add a task by entering it in the box titled + Add a task and hit enter/return and then press enter on your keyboard.

2.Or alternatively, you can select the drop-down next to New Category and choose New Task.

This way you can add the task description, due date, reminder, assignee/s and tags from when you create the task.

Otherwise, you can double click on a task to view it in edit mode and add these details.

How To Assign Users To Tasks?

Assigning a user to a task is essentially giving the task an owner who will be responsible for the completion of the task. This avoids any confusion within teams over who is doing what – creating a clearer overview for all members.

  1. In order to assign a user to a task, first go to edit the task and then select Assign to Group Members.
  1. It will then display all members of the group, you can choose the owner/s of the task and select Assign.
  2. Finally hit Save, and it will display the owners profile picture next to the task.

How To Add Due Dates To Tasks?

When adding a due date to tasks you’re setting a deadline for the task to be completed by, this encourages people to work harder to achieve the set goal. All upcoming tasks will be displayed on the assignee’s dashboard along with the date they’re due.

  1. You can set a due date for a task by selecting a date and time, simply view the task in edit mode and select the Due Date box then select a date (time is optional).
  1. Hit Save.
  2. Then it will display next to the task when it is due, as well as on the assignee’s dashboard.

How To Create Reminders For Tasks?

Reminders are great for those with busy schedules. You can set a reminder for any task, simply choose a date and time that you would like to send/receive the reminder and an email notification will go out to the assignee/s with a description and due date.

  1. If you want to set a reminder for a task you can do so by ticking the box, I want to set a reminder for this task from the edit view.

How To Update Progress On A Task?

You can keep track of you, your colleagues and clients progress on a task using the progress bar.

  1. Update the status of a task by selecting the drop-down menu underneath the status heading, you can either select not started, in progress, deferred, waiting or completed.
  1. When selecting in progress, you will notice the progress bar appears, in order to adjust this you need to view the task in edit mode (either double click the task or select the task > Edit).
  2. Then simply drag the progress bar to the correct percentage of completion, select Save and this will be displayed on the main task view.

How To Create Recurring Tasks?

If you have a standard list of tasks that need to be completed frequently, whether it’s weekly or monthly, then the recurring task feature might come in handy for you.

  1. In order to set a task as recurring you first need to set a due date or you won’t be able to see the option to set the task as recurring. Once you set a due date, the Recurring box appears.
  2. Tick the Recurring box.

3.You can then choose how frequently you would like the task to reoccur, either daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

4.If you choose daily, then you can choose if you would like it to repeat every day or every other day etc. As well as a date for the recurring task to stop, if there is one.

5.If you select weekly, you can select which day/s it should reoccur, as well as the frequency and end date.

6.When setting the frequency as monthly, you can choose either the date of the month that you would like it to reoccur on, or you can set it as the first Monday of every month for example. This will be the same when choosing yearly.

How To See Completed Tasks?

When you submit a task as completed, it may seem like the task is deleted however it isn’t deleted, but just hidden. If you need to, you can still look back at completed tasks at any time.

  1. When looking at the main tasks view, at the top of the page there is a switch that says Show completed.
  2. Click the switch to turn it on.
  3. All completed tasks will then be displayed along with the rest of your current tasks.

How To Filter Tasks?

If you want to filter your tasks for a more specific overview you can either search by name, sort them by owner or date created.

  1. There is a search bar located at the top of the tasks page, you can search for any tasks here by the title of the task.
  2. You will notice that next to the search bar there is a filter icon, if you select this then more options appear; Date from, Date to, and Assigned to.
  1. To filter tasks by the date created and due date, simply select the dates from the calendars, and all tasks that were created or due between the two dates will be displayed.
  2. In order to sort by owner, select the drop-down from the Assigned to box, and choose one of the group members to view only their tasks.

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