Task management

The Tasks function is a simple to-do-list that is visible to all members within your group. It is a great way to share what needs to be done. It also gives transparency of all progress made.

Whilst being simple to use it still boasts many of the features you find in the leading project management providers.

Some of the main features within this tool include; the ability to assign tasks, set due dates, add comments and attachments, mention your colleagues/clients, and prioritise tasks by arranging them in your preferred order.

There is a progress bar which the assignee can edit once a task has been started. You can also separate tasks into different categories so that related tasks are grouped together.

Assigning tasks

Assign tasks to yourself or colleagues/clients, the assignee will be notified by email that they have been given a task to complete.

Assign tasks to members


You can categorise your tasks into groups, so that all tasks related to one topic are kept together. You can do this by selecting New Category in the top right corner of the tasks page. Once you have created a category, you can simply drag and drop tasks into it, or create new tasks within the specific category.

Due Dates

Set a due date for your tasks when creating them to increase productivity within the workplace. By setting a due date with a specific time, employees are encouraged to get the work done by the deadline.


Team members can comment on any task, mention colleagues by using the @ symbol to ask questions, or simply see how progress is coming along with a task.

Recurring Tasks

Tasks can also be set to repeated daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

In order to turn this feature on, you must first set a due date for the task and the options will appear underneath.

You also have the option to choose how long you want the task to repeat.

Assign Tasks to Multiple People

You can assign a task to as many people as you like, this feature is great if your team does a lot of group work and there will often be multiple people working together on a task.


You can edit an individual tasks permission setting so that either all members of a group can view a task, or just the members assigned to the task.

Follow Tasks

Choose to follow specific tasks so that you will be notified every time the task is updated or completed by an assignee.


If you’ve got a lot of tasks on your list, it can become quite difficult to manage them all. Set a reminder when you first create a task to warn you that it’s still outstanding closer to the due date.

Import Tasks

If you already have a list of tasks in a spreadsheet, there’s no need to re-write them all manually into your clinked tasks, you can simply import them as a CSV file by going to the New Category drop down menu and selecting import from a CSV.

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