User-based permissions

Control access to your groups and content

Clinked’s user-based permissions let you decide on the level of control you give to your members. Whether you want them to only view and download documents or have complete editing rights – it’s your choice.

Use identity management controls for content access

For your groups, you can control the user permissions for each member. The settings will determine the capabilities of the member, e.g. view-only, editor or administrator.

  • Each member has defined user permissions, enabling the appropriate viewing or editor rights.
  • There are 3 available user roles within groups:
    • Administrators have full editor rights on all content and do member management.
    • Editors can upload and edit content, but not invite members.
    • Viewers can access content, but not create or edit, nor manage members.

Control the way clients can work with individual files

As well as controlling permissions on group-level, you can also choose the ways your members interact with content on a file-by-file basis.

  • Underneath each File or Note, you can choose from five different permissions options:
    • View means a member can only view the file.
    • View, Download and Share means a member can view, download or share the file with an external individual.
    • View and Edit means a member can do all of the above plus edit/upload a new version of the file.
    • View, Edit and Delete means a member can do all of the above plus delete the file.
    • Administer means a member has the same rights as the account administrator for the file.

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