Video Files

Share Large Video Files Securely

Do you have video files that you want to easily share with team colleagues, without making them public? With Clinked, you can upload video files straight into your secure team space and only assigned members can view & download them.

Upload & View Videos Within Clinked

  • Instant viewing, no need to download to separate video player.
  • Automatic video encoding to .mp4 and .ogg, so you can see videos on PC, Mac and mobile devices.
  • Embed videos into your online documents.
  • Literally any video file format support within Clinked.

Share Large Video Files Securely

  • Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler and Facebook for instant viewing.
  • Integrate videos into your online documents.

More Features From Clinked

File Uploading

Upload multiple large files of any format into project folders via the file uploading tool or via email straight into your project group.


Notes can be used to host information or used to display text, images, videos and iframes within your group homepage.

Configurable Widgets

Add and remove widgets as you wish, to show a breakdown of the activity going on within each tool area.

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