White-label Mobile App

Your Own Branded Mobile Application

Clinked offers custom white label mobile apps for our customers. Our custom branded app provides you with a professional looking mobile application that your clients can download from the App Store and Google Play.

How Do I Purchase A White-Label Mobile App?

You can purchase a white-label mobile app at any time for a one-off fee +monthly payments (including lifetime updates). This means that when clients locate and download it from the App Store & Google Play, it’s a professional looking application that appears as if it were your company’s own. If you’re interested in purchasing a white-label app you can find out more here. Learn more here.

Send an enquiry to support@clinked.com and they’ll send you a file with some information that we’ll need from you in order to create your app.

Will The App Be Under My Company On The App Store And Google Play?

Your companies custom mobile app will be completely white-label so that when your clients locate and download it from the App Store/Google Play it looks as if it were your own. Providing you, your team and clients with a professional looking mobile application, perfect for collaborating the go.

Clinked mobile app

How Long Does It Take To Purchase A White-Label App?

Seeing as we will need to build the app for you, from start to end the process takes around 2 weeks (subject to the app store listing/review times) before it will be available on the app store for you and your clients to download.

More Features From Clinked

Mobile App

Clinked offers free native mobile apps for our customers, available for iOS via the App Store and Android devices via Google Play

Group Chat

In each group within the Clinked portal you have the option for 1 to 1 or group chats to stay in contact with other members.

Mobile Push Notifications

Receive notifications to your phone for group chat messages that you are a member of, or if you are @ mentioned in any content.

Streamline your business. Engage your clients.

Choose a Clinked Custom Client Portal for your Business. Upgrade your client experience today with our fully white label & customizable, best in class client portal.

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