7 Questions to Consider Before Purchasing a Client Portal

The Clinked custom client portal

A bespoke solution from Clinked. For those who require a completely custom portal built to your precise specifications.

Member Types in Clinked

We’re here to explain everything you need to know.

What Is End To End Encryption?

Here’s a quick and simple explanation for you!

Embedding Jotform

Using JotForm, you can create forms, integrate them with Clinked Notes and receive responses by email.

Applying Permissions To Content

We make it easy for you to apply tight controls to your content.

The Difference Between Members And Guests!

Watch this 60 second video to gain a clear understanding between the Members & Guests.

Tailoring Your Group Homepage

A way to filter out the unnecessary content and only show customers what they need to see first and foremost.

Clinked: Adding an iframe

iFrames are a great way to show live external content inside your portal.

How to Take Payments Through Clinked Using Jotform

how to use our Jotform integration to create payment forms and take payments directly through your Clinked portal.

Client Portal by Clinked: The easiest to set up and use

Client Management has never been so easy!

Clinked’s Top 5 Use Cases For Client Portals!

In this video we explore the top 5 use cases that cause companies to make the move into the client portal space.

Upgrade your client experience today

Choose a Clinked Client Portal for your Business. Upgrade your client experience today with our fully white label, best in class client portal.

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