SharePoint Alternative

If you’re currently using a SharePoint system and need a better solution for internal and external collaboration, Clinked can provide you with the perfect alternative.

Less time on administration is more time for collaboration

Covering the initial costly price of SharePoint is only the start of your problems. You then need a dedicated team to manage the deployment, customization and overall maintenance; whilst relying on senior management for user support.

Clinked provides a cost efficient, time-saving and user friendly alternative. With 24/7 support* from us, you’ll spend half the amount of time on installations and training, allowing twice as much time for collaborating with team members and clients. *Enterprise customers


Organisations using SharePoint are fed up with its complexity and the lack of training that is available. As a result, many of these businesses are experiencing low ROI and user adoption rates.

Is extremely time-consuming and requires an entire IT department when deploying SharePoint on-premise.

The costs don’t stop with license fees. There’s also the user training, customizations, updates and more.

The combination of the complexity of SharePoint and the lack of support often leads to low user adoption.

External collaboration is impossible without specific ‘external licenses’ or an Office 365 subscription.


Clinked can provide your organisation with a centralized environment for efficient collaboration, whilst we manage the day-to-day running of your solution.

  • Lower costs – Clinked offers simple, subscription-based pricing. Upgrade and downgrade at any time, with full support from us, at a fraction of the cost of deploying SharePoint. All installation, maintenance and update requirements are included in one monthly price; so you won’t be surprised with any hidden costs.
  • Higher engagement – Clinked combines its document management, communication and collaboration features within a cloud-based, user-friendly environment. Maximize team and client participation; with collaborative features such as file versioning and approvals, @mentions messaging and discussions forums.
  • Maximum security – Clinked provides bank-grade security as a minimum, with 256 bit SSL in transit, AES encryption at rest and option IP restrictions. There’s also two-factor authentication, complex passwords and automatic sign-out. Going a step further, you can host Clinked in a private cloud, which is the equivalent of installing the solution on-premises.
  • Better external collaboration – Clinked allows you to instantly and securely share content outside of your solution, whilst SharePoint requires you to purchase additional licenses and subscriptions first. Upload files from email and share externally with password protection and expiry dates. Create a custom mobile app for even easier on-the-go collaboration.
  • Easier scalability – As Clinked is based in the cloud, it can grow with your business, with no costly upgrades required. Unline SharePoint on-premise, you can increase storage space limit and your number of users within minutes, without going through the hassle of purchasing additional licences or upgrading your entire system.


Clinked allows you to set up unlimited client and project groups for secure file sharing, collaboration and communication; whilst controlling access on a group and user basis and monitoring activity with audit trails.

Custom Workspaces

White-label dashboards for client and project groups. Includes content following, email notification and microblogging.

File Approvals & Versioning

With unlimited file upload size, you can request approvals on your documents and always have the latest version available.

@Mentions & Group Mentions

Always stay connected with members and entire groups. Ask questions, provide feedback, discuss updates.

Team Calendars

Organise events within client and project groups. Invite members to attend, choose who can view events, set reminders.

Task Management

Create tasks, request completion, set deadlines and monitor the progress of the invited team member or client.

Online Document Editing

View and collaborate on files, directly from within your solution, with the Clinked wiki-style editor.

Group Chat

Always keep in touch and have real-time conversations with the members of your client and project groups.

Discussion Forums

Set up discussions forums for your internal and external team members and clients and encourage active participation.



Whether this is your first transition to the cloud, or if you’re looking to migrate from SharePoint or another intranet solution, we can make the process as smooth as possible. For now, why not sign up for a free 10-day trial of Clinked?