Client Portal

Share information and communicate instantly, whilst boosting client satisfaction and team productivity, through implementing a customized and secure client portal solution.

File Sharing

Invite team members, clients, business partners and stakeholders to store and share documents in the cloud. Secure business file sharing is quick and efficient with Clinked.


Provide the best collaboration solution for your clients with professional and customized workspaces from Clinked. Efficiently share information, connect with colleagues, collaborate on tasks, manage projects and communicate in real-time.


Need a more efficient way of communicating with your internal and external team members and clients? A Clinked communication solution could be what you’re looking for.


Use your Clinked intranet to connect colleagues, customers and partners and bring them into a central, secure place to easily share information anytime and anywhere.


Need a secure and centralized environment for sharing files with external clients and stakeholders? A Clinked extranet is your perfect solution.

Project Management

Clinked is a great project management tool for organising tasks, monitoring progress and achieving objectives within your business.

Teamwork Platform/App

A Clinked teamwork platform will bring great potential of improving team efficiency within departments and across organisations.

White Label Storage Solution

Create a fully branded environment for your team members, clients and external stakeholders to share and store large files, communicate and collaborate.

Virtual Data Room

Virtual data rooms are used for privately sharing information with individual clients, whilst controlling content access, from within a bank-grade secure environment.

Accounting Client Portal

Share files securely, collaborate on documents, and manage projects within your firm – all by using a Clinked accounting client portal.

SharePoint Alternative

If you’re currently using a SharePoint system and need a better solution for internal and external collaboration, Clinked can provide you with the perfect alternative.