Collaborate From Anywhere, On Any Device, At Any Time.

There are loads of ways you can share files and collaborate with Clinked. From desktop and laptop to mobile and tablet, your clients and team members can work together in real-time; from anywhere, at any time.

Here is the full list of supported browsers and devices. To ensure you get the best experience of Clinked, always keep your browser and operating system up to date.

Collaborate on-the-go with the new Clinked native mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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Supported Browsers

As a general rule, Clinked supports the latest three versions of all popular browsers:

You can log in to your Clinked account from the web on your desktop (or mobile device) at or through your custom domain (URL).

The web version of Clinked is supported on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Browser Technical Requirements
Internet Explorer IE 10, IE 11, IE Edge
Firefox Firefox 54, Firefox 55, Firefox 56
Chrome Chrome 60, Chrome 61, Chrome 62
Safari Safari 9, Safari 10, Safari 11

Supported Devices

The web version of Clinked is also supported on mobile devices. Clinked supports the latest three versions of all popular browsers:

There are also native mobile app versions of Clinked that are supported on the following operating systems:


Operating System Technical Requirements
Android (from v.5) Chrome for mobile v.60, 61 and 62
iOS (from iOS 8) Mobile Safari 9, 10, 11
Windows (from version 8) Internet Explorer mobile 10, 11 and Edge
Operating System Technical Requirements
Android v.4.4 or later
iOS iOS 10 or later

Clinked Can Be Syncronized Across All Devices

For example, if you upload a file from your desktop, your client will be able to instantly retrieve it from their mobile.

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Download the Clinked iOS app


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