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A Clinked teamwork platform will bring great potential of improving team efficiency within departments and across organisations.

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Gain secure access to your client portal from multiple devices.

Instead of depending on email communication or storing files behind corporate firewalls, you can store and access all content and discussions in an easily accessible, secure central online location, wherever you are.

With Clinked, the white label mobile app eases the process of working away from your central office.


Let your group members come together and get projects completed faster and more efficiently using Clinked’s teamwork platform. Involve your team members, clients and stakeholders from start to finish.

  • Request file approvals by another member of your Clinked network to see if the latest document version has been signed off or rejected.
  • Lock files to make sure your files can’t be removed or modified.
  • Version control lets you easily bring up previous versions of your documents to refer back to.
  • Share files and folders externally with optional password protection for added security.
  • Upload multiple documents at once.
  • View file previews without needing to download your documents first.


Clinked’s teamwork platform makes content visibility and ease of sharing easier than if stored locally, in inboxes etc. Editors can finely tune content in a collaborative team environment rather than sending attachments via email.

  • Create, share, request and approve files.
  • Easy access to documents and related discussions and feedback.
  • Communicate with microblogging, @mentions, group mentions and comments.
  • Use a shared task list when managing group activities to improve the performance of your projects – track progress and set deadlines.
  • Constant collaboration with the Clinked mobile app.
  • Create online documents with the user-friendly and feature-rich wiki editor.


Set up groups or projects, invite members who have interest in collaborating or following group activities and progress. Everyone will have the required transparency to see what is going on within your teamwork platform.

  • Receive notifications on when new content is shared, commented upon, approved etc.
  • Keep track of progress and achievements of followed members of your group with the Activity Stream functionality.
  • Always access latest versions and stakeholder feedback.
  • Stay up-to-date on both your team and individual upcoming events with the group calendar.
  • Communicate using Group Chat for fast updates.


Clinked’s teamwork platform has bank level security to provide the highest level of protection for our customers, so be sure that the data stored inside your teamwork platform is in the safest hands.

  • 256 bit SSL in transit.
  • AES encryption at rest.
  • Multi-factor authentication and IP restrictions available for Enterprise customers.
  • Both public and private cloud solutions available.
  • Define user permissions and enable appropriate viewing or editor rights for each member.


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