Frequently Asked Questions


Clinked has 2 types of users: Members and Guests. You only pay for Members and not Guests. Guest can use the platform for free. However, they can only access the content that is shared with them (unlike Members) and cannot use some of the collaboration features.

Both members and guest could be clients or employees.

You can watch this short video to learn more about Guests and Shares in Clinked:

Guest access is ideal if you’d like to share a single file or a folder or give someone irregular access (or one-time access). For regular users and clients, we recommend inviting them into the client portal as members.


All data transfer is encrypted. Clinked uses 256-bit AES, supports TLS 1.2 for all communication. We also monitor the security closely and respond to new vulnerabilities as they are discovered.

Our servers are located in Amazon’s AWS data centers, specifically AWS Ireland (EU) and Virginia (US). You can find more about AWS here:


Yes, we offer special pricing for educational institutions and non-profits, please contact

All other pricing information can be found here – on our pricing page.

Clinked’s free version is only available after you sign up for a 10-day trial. At the end of your trial, you will receive an email with an offer to downgrade your account to free version. The free version has limited features and it comes with 3 members and 100MB storage.

In order to deactivate/delete your account please follow the steps below:

1. Delete all groups (Click on Settings of each individual group and click delete group)
2. Once all the groups are deleted, go to Dashboard and click on ‘Deleted groups‘ link (located under the green button which says ‘New Client or Project’ )
3. Select all groups and hit ‘Delete Permanently‘ button
4. Now you will be able to de-activate your account from Account Settings and you will be presented the option to Permanently delete the account