Two-factor authentication

An extra level of security for your platform

All of Clinked’s packages offer the option to use two-factor authentication (2FA). Two-factor authentication will increase the security on your account by requiring two steps to log in to your platform: Something you know (your username/password) and something you have (your smartphone).

Taking your security seriously

  • Two-factor authentication can be enabled for each user account individually.
  • 2FA adds an extra way for users to prove their identity before gaining access to the platform.
  • Once configured, users are required to enter both their password and an authentication code from their mobile in order to access their Clinked account.

Activate two-factor authentication via your Clinked settings

  • When you first set it up 2FA, your account creates a secure key that is shared with your phone via a QR code. This key is then encrypted on both ends using the current time to generate a new code every few seconds.
  • Find out how to configure 2FA for your Clinked account here.

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