Secure access

Top secure access to your file storage

Clinked offers you highest possible file security regarding storage and accessibility, while making it easy to share content and collaborate with your team members. Clinked can be offered both on public cloud or private cloud environments.

Secure access to Clinked cloud solutions

  • 256 bit SSL encryption for content access.
  • Amazon AWS S3 data centres for the public cloud solutions, which are ISO27001, SAS70 & PCI certified.
  • Compliance with US federal government customer requirements by being FISMA and FIPs certified.

Identity management controlled content access

  • Each member has defined user permissions, enabling appropriate viewing or editor rights.
  • 3 available user roles:
    • Administrators have full editor rights on all content and do member management.
    • Editors can upload and edit content, but not invite members.
    • Viewers can access content, but not create or edit, nor manage members.

Two-factor authentication

  • Enabling 2FA adds an additional security measure for users who access your platform.
  • Two-factor authentication can be enabled for each user account individually.
  • Once configured, users are required to enter both their password and an authentication code from their mobile in order to access their Clinked account.

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