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Customizable Customer Portals for your Business

Searching for a centralized portal software to organize all your clients' paperwork? Your search ends here. Discover the secrets behind our customizable client portals and unlock the power of creating a white-label portal tailored to your business and clients.


Financial services

A client portal for financial service providers streamlines secure document sharing and communication, enhancing operational efficiency and fostering strong client relationships.



A client portal for accountants streamlines document sharing and communication with clients, improving efficiency and reducing errors in financial reporting. It also enhances client trust and convenience by providing a secure, professional platform for collaboration.

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

Enhance the client experience by establishing professional and branded online portals, fostering real-time collaboration, and providing clients or team members with instant access to project progress and documents.

client portal for healthcare


A client portal in the healthcare industry ensures secure access to medical records, enhances patient-provider communication, and simplifies appointment scheduling, thereby improving the overall patient experience & healthcare delivery.

Unlock the Power of Client Portals for Your Business

Bring your personal touch into a digital experience for clients that aligns with your style of service. Use a Clinked Client Portal to deliver consistency across all client interactions with your client-facing team working remote or mobile.
Boost client satisfaction with a secure cloud-based client portal for controlled file access, project management, and real-time communication.

Securely share files through your branded client portals

Securely share files through your branded client portals

Clinked offers a cloud-based document storage and secure file sharing solution complete with an integrated client portal. Safely share files with clients, employees and colleagues, and personalize it with your company's branding, including logos, colors, and custom subdomains. Your clients receive individual logins for 24/7 secure access to their files.

Manage documents, request approvals, receive notifications

Manage documents, request approvals, receive notifications

Empower your business and clients to effortlessly share, organize, and collaborate on documents. With our versatile platform, you can streamline workflows by requesting approvals, receiving real-time notifications, assigning tasks to team members, and unlocking a multitude of other capabilities. Enhance productivity, improve communication, and simplify the way you work together.

Access your cloud-based client portal on-the-go

Getting started with Clinked is simple – all you need is a device and an Internet connection. Team members and clients can be located all over the world but are still able to work together efficiently and in real-time, with files and conversations syncing across all devices. Share files and documents on-the-go with your mobile device. Retrieve files instantly from the cloud. Securely email files straight into your client portal.

Stay Secure with Your Client Portals

Stay Secure with Your Client Portals

Clinked’s client portal offers bank-level security to provide the best possible protection for your business and clients, so rest assured that the data being stored in your client portal is in the safest hands. We ensure top-notch security with 256-bit SSL encryption for data in transit, AES encryption for data at rest, TLS for communication, and HIPAA compliance. Plus, secure access is guaranteed through two-factor authentication.

Explore our feature-rich client portal software

Enhance your client portals with a wide array of powerful features from Clinked, and supercharge your business by automating your workflow processes.

White Label, Custom Branding

White Label, Custom Branding

Customize your client portal with your branding to create a professional and cohesive experience for clients.

 Secure File Uploads

 Secure File Uploads

Safely and easily upload documents to your portal, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your files.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Stay informed with real-time email notifications about portal activities and updates.

File Approvals

File Approvals

Simplify the approval process by allowing easy review and authorization of important documents within the portal.

Task Management

Task Management

Efficiently manage tasks, assign them to team members, and keep your projects organized.

Unlimited Portals and Clients

Unlimited Portals and Clients

Scale your operations without limitations by creating as many portals and adding as many clients as you need.



Seamlessly connect your client portal with other tools and applications, including WordPress, Google Drive, OneDrive, Jotform, and many more to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration.


@Mentions & Group Mentions

Easily notify specific individuals or groups within the portal to ensure effective communication.


Team Calendars

Coordinate schedules, deadlines, and events using shared calendars for effective project management.


Online Document Editing

Collaborate in real-time on documents directly within the portal, making updates and changes simple.


Audit Trail

Keep a comprehensive record of portal activities for security, compliance, and accountability purposes.


Group Chat

Foster communication and collaboration by engaging in group chats within the portal, enhancing teamwork and discussions.

...and many more...

How to Create a Client Portal

Not tech-savvy? No problem! Our experts can build one just for you, or dive into these steps to create your sleek, professional portal from scratch.

Set up your Clinked account

First, create your Clinked account. It's a quick process, and once done, you'll have immediate access to your account.

Use the White Label Feature

Now that you have a Clinked account, customize the platform to match your company's branding. You can upload your logo, and header image, and choose a color scheme to reflect your brand.

Create Groups

With your client portal looking good, start creating groups on the platform. Each group can be customized for your client's specific needs.

 Add Clients

Now, add your team members and clients. Clinked allows you to set user permissions, specifying who can access which groups, assets, and functions.

Does it sound too easy to be true?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Client Portals

Find answers to your most frequently asked questions about how to create and manage your online client portals with Clinked


A client portal is a secure, cloud-based platform enabling file sharing and collaboration between a business and its clients. Client portal includes multi-level access restrictions that ensure that different user groups can access specific data in a specific way.

For instance, the clients can only access their own files and the other clients’ data is hidden from them. At the same time, the employees of the business can access the data of all clients that are assigned to them, but cannot see other employees’ clients’ files. Client portal’s settings are highly customizable and can be changed depending on the specific situation.

A client portal is used to improve business’ communication and collaboration with clients and for secure file storage.

Clients get access to their files 24 hours a day and are able to upload, download and edit them in real time. They can communicate and collaborate with the business’ staff through messaging, discussions and one-to-one and group chat.

A client portal can be used to securely store and share documents with an option to provide multiple levels of access restrictions, starting from a very restricted access, when the user can only view the file for a limited period of time, but not edit or download it, to full access when the client can freely share, edit and delete the file.

Some client portals offer popular app integrations that allow additional functionality, such as e-signatures.

A client portal should include the following features:

Cloud Storage: All documents and files are stored online.

b: Review, comment and annotate throughout the creation process.

eSignature & Approval: Use approval processes or eSignatures to finalise documents and have a memorialised audit trail.

Groups (or Channels): User defined permission based groups allowing specific parties access with easy to control user management.

Advanced Permissions: Allowing multiple groups with security concerns.

Password Management: Members have self-controlled governance of passwords allowing admins to focus on work.

Discussion Boards: Groups and teams can communicate internally or remotely online.

Project Management: Using flexible self-managed event calendars and tasks to assign work to members across internal and external members.

Tasks: Assign and manage Tasks to keep progress visible, set due dates and milestones and send automatic email notifications when there is an update.

Group Chat: Allowing real time communication between groups or individuals with 1-1 chat.

Audit Trail: Know who has accessed, changed or deleted data on the platform as well as which devices or browsers have been used to access the platform in real time and easy export functionality.

White-label: Allows for your company branding to be presented throughout the platform in an easy to manage way.

A client portal can benefit businesses by easing the workload of employees and helps them to provide excellent value-add to client relationships. Client portals open up broader channels of communications for companies working with geographical flexibility and allows businesses to scale value-add offerings to their client portfolio.

Client portals for businesses offer several benefits, including:

Efficiency: Streamline communication, document sharing, and project management, reducing time and effort.

Security: Ensure the safe storage and transfer of sensitive data, protecting your business and clients.

Collaboration: Foster better collaboration with clients and team members, leading to improved outcomes.

Convenience: Provide clients with easy access to important information and services, enhancing their experience.

Customization: Tailor the portal to your brand and specific business needs, creating a professional and cohesive platform.

Cost Savings: Reduce administrative and operational costs, as well as the need for physical document storage.

Transparency: Enhance trust and transparency by giving clients real-time access to their data and project progress.

Compliance: Ensure regulatory compliance with secure document storage and access controls.

Productivity: Boost team productivity through streamlined workflows and communication.

Competitive Advantage: Stand out in your industry by offering a modern, tech-savvy solution for clients and partners.

Historically, client portals have been used as a tool for organisations to allow specific parties, often client or partnering organisations, to access documentation for viewing or downloading in a one-way communication channel, sometimes called an FTP site or VDR. These one-way channels ensured the correct parties were accessing the correct documentation. However, technology and client facing organisational needs are evolving. At Clinked, we believed client portals needed to evolve as well.

Today, client portals are innovating to offer higher service through providing mobile apps and integrations with other software applications. These innovations include replicating the functionality of many popular tools used for team collaboration that cannot be fully opened for security reasons with outside parties. Today’s technologies have increased the abilities of collaboration and whilst being a modern concept, many businesses see and reap the benefits of two-way channels for teams and clients.

The short answer is – it depends on the provider! At Clinked we offer the best in class security for all our users – regardless of their package, including safe data transfers and storage, as well as TLS 1.2 standards for all communication. Our security features include:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Complex passwords
  • Encryption in transit & at rest
  • Secure Data Centers
  • Automatic account lockout
  • User-based permissions
  • Audit trail
  • See all Clinked security and compliance features

You can either create a client portal website from scratch or sign up for one of the existing SaaS client portal services, such as Clinked. The former option will be very costly because you would have to create various essential features that are available as standard from the existing providers and then also build your specific features on top. If you decide to join a cloud-based client portal service, your outlay can be as low as $99 per month for a full-featured, completely secure client portal that would satisfy most small businesses’ needs. If you require a custom portal, it is much cheaper and easier to go with an established client portal provider, and build your unique client portal on their existing infrastructure. Clinked offers custom-built client portals that are tailored to your specific needs and can be delivered very quickly. Contact us to discuss.

It is very easy to add a client portal to your website. First, you will need to sign up to one of the client portal packages, customize your portal with your branding to make it indistinguishable from your existing website, set it up in a sub-folder of your website and then simply add a link to your website’s menu, or use a custom domain feature to set up your portal on a subdomain your site. For instance, it can look like, or like

The adoption of client portals have become standard operational features for many businesses working with multiple businesses or clients for three key reasons:

Security: Client portals should offer 256 bit SSL encryption, which is standard for online banking, at a minimum. Also, data is stored remotely in data centres employing physical security measures offering a more secure option than on a private server, PC or network.

Storage: Storage within remote data centres means that usually your files are stored across multiple servers and are therefore more protected against physical hardware failure.

Geographical Flexibility: Many organisations have embraced geographic flexibility for their teams working in various locations and off premise. Also, clients are in similar positions with their geographical flexibility, however require direct access with low friction.

Businesses have been able to educate teams and clients on the benefits of a client portal as a central hub of information and platform to access data. It has become an attractive asset due to the flexibility allowing teams and clients to collaborate securely on demand.

The prices vary based on your business’ needs and the amount and type of features that your business requires. For the most basic client portal you can expect to pay as little as $20 per month, the average SME would probably have to budget for $100-500 per month. There is also an option of a completely custom client portal where the design and functionality is tailored to your businesses needs precisely. The cost would then include an initial design fee, which varies from several thousand US Dollars to hundreds of thousands if not millions for some large corporations. You can see Clinked pricing here.

Why choose Clinked? It’s easy to use and full of features!

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