Clinked’s Top 5 Use Cases For Client Portals!

In this video we explore the top 5 use cases that cause companies to make the move into the client portal space.

Set Up One Off & Recurring Events

Set up one off events or make them recurring daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Set Up & Manage Google Apps Integrations

Easily integrate your Clinked client portal with Google Apps.

Group Ownership

Transfer your groups across accounts and move them to different dashboards.

Content Following

Follow content and get notifications of any changes that have been made.

Adding Group Labels

This is how you can quickly and easily rename your groups and projects.


In a rush? Here’s how to share your files and folders in seconds.

@Mentions Messaging

Communicate with team members & clients by using @mentions feature.

Creating Notes

Have a look at what you can do with Clinked’s ‘notes’ feature. Create tables, embed videos, add images and more.

File & Folder Sharing

Find out how to share your files and folders within your Clinked client portal with this video demo.

Creating Tasks

Learn how to add tasks, including assigning team members, setting deadlines, and adding comments.

Setting Up Events

Create events, invite team members and clients, and set e-mail reminders.

Having Discussions

Set up discussions forums. Share ideas with your team members & clients.

E-mail Sharing

Find out how you can share your files via e-mail with Clinked.

Version Control

Upload new versions of documents, without losing access to the previous version.

File Approvals

Get your documents finalised by requesting approvals from clients, team members or managers.

Password Protected Shares

Keep your documents extra secure by adding a password before sharing externally.