We’re on a mission to make client management easier, more secure and more efficient. We strive everyday to help our customers build the best digital client experience for their teams and clients – one portal at a time.


Clinked – The World’s Favourite Custom Client Portal

We’re continually developing Clinked to be the ultimate client portal for client-focused businesses. With constant feedback and transparent communication with the users of Clinked, we continue to develop the platform in order to provide knowledge sharing, discussion and chat functionalities, a space to organise client and team meetings, manage tasks and own accountability through audit trails. It all sounds pretty technical – and on the backend it is. But we’ve specifically designed Clinked to be an intuitively simple but powerful platform that requires minimal onboarding and pretty much zero training.

Our cloud-based platform empowers businesses and teams throughout the world to collaborate, connect and reap the benefits of highly engaged, organised businesses working together to achieve and surpass their shared objectives and goals.

Our Vision

Our goal is to change the way companies interact with their clients. The fact is that email alone is an efficiency killer. Research shows:

● 62% of companies do not respond to customer service emails
● 90% of companies do not acknowledge or inform the customer that an email has been received
● The average response time to handle a client service request is over 12 hours.

At Clinked we're driven to dramatically increase customer engagement, retention and loyalty by enabling businesses to better collaborate and communicate with their clients via custom-branded mobile apps and our super-secure cloud based customer portal.

Embracing a remote working future

Covid-19 has transformed the world of work. The new normal for many B2B organisations requires the adoption of remote working. The upside of this new approach is better work-life balance that not only produces happier, healthier people but also more productive ones.

The challenge is keeping teams connected, engaged and in the loop on all aspects of the business and client management.

The good news is that we love a challenge! Clinked answers the problem of remote teams servicing clients with professionalism and efficiency. We've been doing this for over 13 years so we're pretty adept at it.

The future of work continues to change. The Clinked team continues to grow and develop our platform to meet this challenge. It's what drives us.

Universal respect

We're not run by a power-hungry tech mogul bent on making trillions to fund trips into space.

In fact we're not run by any one individual - we are a team with a shared goal. Sure, we have a founder - the highly talented and incredibly driven Tayfun Bilsel. Being the thorough professional and all round good guy that Tayfun is, he steers the good ship Clinked, but he's always supported by an incredibly able crew (Ok, that's enough of the nautical references!) of developers, creatives, B2B pros, client support and UI / UX geeks.

Our hierarchy is flatter than a pancake and everyone in the business is trusted, respected and valued. It's a well worn cliche to say that we're family - we're not. What we are is a collective of professionals with massive amounts of mutual respect and a shared mission to maintain Clinked's position as the world's favourite custom client portal.

It's not the winning...

It's the taking part? Hell no! We love winning awards!

The recognition we've received for our work is hard earned and deserved. So when we pick up the occasional award from our peers and industry leaders, we'll take the kudos with a smile on our faces and a big thank you to the incredible Clinked community that have supported us by embracing our platform and providing constant feedback on how we can continue to develop and evolve.

Want to be a part of our journey in shaping the future of #clientwork? Drop us a line today for a demo, an introductory chat or a meeting of minds.

Drop us a line today for a demo, an introductory chat or a meeting of minds.

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By joining Clinked, you'll be part of a leading technology start-up delivering client portal software to diversified and extensive global customer base.

We've received recognition for our work including being named a semi-finalist in the 2012 Cisco British Innovation Getway (BIG) and winner of the 2009 Red Herring 100 Europe Awards.

Join us to shape the future of #clientwork.

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