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Clinked #1 Client Portal

Clinked brings together clients, partners and teams in a single, secure space.

Imagine a collaboration platform for business with the distinction that is more client facing and team oriented than individual centric, being able to truly collaborate, share knowledge, discuss ideas, organise events and share tasks, seamlessly and effortlessly within a client group. Clinked creates this platform in the cloud, empowering businesses and teams throughout the world to collaborate and reap the benefits of highly engaged, organised businesses working together to achieve and surpass their shared objectives and goals.


Clinked changes the way companies interact with their clients. Email alone is a barrier for businesses. We can dramatically increase customer engagement, retention and loyalty by enabling businesses to better collaborate and communicate with their clients via dedicated mobile apps and cloud based customer portal.

Clinked Cambridge

* Our HQ in Cambridge, UK – This is our home!


* The beach – only 10min walking distance from the office in Liepaja


We pay attention to details and have never a give up attitude. We have the courage to admit when we are wrong. We are confident, but never arrogant.


  • We are Smart
  • We are Trustworthy
  • We are Passionate
  • We are Creative
  • We are Innovative
  • We are Adaptable
  • We are Hardworking


Covid-19 has transformed the world. The world that will emerge most likely to be different. We need to adapt. Remote working has the type of work-life integration that not only produces happier, healthier people but also more productive ones.

You can be anywhere, work anytime, and certainly it won’t stop us having fun!

This is the future of work.


* We built gingerbread houses together


* We regularly organize customer-centric webinars 


We help our customers to communicate better with their own clients, we do it too… with our clients and we do it like a pro. Keep everyone actively engaged, educated, and informed.


We make decisions together, take actions together; what we do that defines us.

We don’t design products in the board room. Because we care, we build software like no other.

We are a rising star.


* Brainstorming session



By joining Clinked, you’ll be part a leading technology start-up delivering client portal software to a diversified and extensive global customer base.

We’ve received recognition for our work including being named semi-finalist in the 2012 Cisco British Innovation Gateway (BIG) and winner of the 2009 Red Herring 100 Europe Awards.

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